Happy Medium - My Bali Wedding Star

I've posted about this one, the name even suggests my issues with this quilt.   I posted about how I named this quilt "Happy Medium" in this post.   I've copied for your convenience here:   "When I could not find that last fabric that I wanted, a light bulb went off in my head.  I've had to concede, change plans, make adjustments and compromises just to get this quilt made.  Like a marriage!  This pattern is based in part on a Wedding Ring quilt design and my process of getting this one quilt to completion has been very much like our marriage.   Lots of compromise, acceptance, adjustments, understanding, fifty-fifty, win-win, settlement, reconciling, middle of the road,  "HAPPY MEDIUM"!  Is it everything you always dreamed of?  Probably not... but we keep working on it, make adjustments, compromise and love each other just the way we are.   Once again....  Every quilt tells a story. ".   I KNOW so much is wrong with this quilt but I placed it to be judged because it is a difficult pattern and overall it is pretty.    The judges did award this a 3rd place ribbon in it's category of large, paper pieced quilts.  Better yet... the VIEWERS thought it was worthy and it received one of the 3 Viewers' Choice Awards - woohoo!!!!    You know, I sort of think I really appreciate that most of all.

This is a BED quilt.   Made to be loved and used.   I had a terrible time seeing my stitches as I quilted the lights, I had fullness in the pp areas, points/intersections don't line up nicely.   It was a learning experience but the BEST part is that during the course of making this quilt, I made the BEST friends I have in this state.  We have a group called WWIT (What Was I Thinking) that met 1X month to work on our JN quilts.  I'm going away for 5 days in a few weeks with several of these special friends to start my "Paradise in Bloom"!   Most of this was pieced on my little Janome travel machine in a group setting at someones' home or table top.   It went camping with me.   I know all it's shortcomings... but it is still so disappointing to see the judges comments and notations in SEVEN areas that need improvement.   Not even the real piped binding was noted.  Sigh.   It's a good thing I associate this quilt with so many wonderful things in my life and even sweeter to have gotten a Viewers Choice award!


Sandi Whitford said…
No matter what others say as long as you learned from the journey then it is worth it....by the way remind me of that some day. :-). It is a gorgeous quilt despite or maybe because of its flaws!!!
QuiltingCyclist said…
It is a beauty! Wonder tale of the making of it and what a delightful story told.Thanks for sharing. Congratulations as well!