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Gorgeous Red and Black

What a stunning quilt!   The red and black is so striking and then there is that backing fabric.  Wow. I think it looks fantastic.  Computer guided quilting with Auto Pilot using Bethanne Namesh's Feather Grande.

Pam's Centennial Sampler Quilt

This is a wonderful assortment of 5" blocks made in reproduction fabrics.   The pattern is Centennial Sampler by Judie Rothermel. 

Some o

Stand Up Divas Challenge 2017 Piecing Challenge?

This year's challenge seemed like a really fun idea!  Everyone that participates will create a block, finished at 18.5" bound that would become a block in a "sampler" quilt with all our blocks pinned up on the design wall.  For unity, this used one focus fabric that Debbie supplied (Quilting Quarters in Conroe where we meet each month) and we were to use a white background.

Notice I say.... seemed like a fun idea LOL!  My first idea was to make a Compass /NY beauty block of some sort and have part of it missing  and finish off the design with quilting.   Well I was hitting the wall with the actual design and the 18.5" block....   Then I thought I would do a simple HST type block and just quilt a beautiful feather design like I did on my Amish With a Twist 3.   Perfect.   Then I really looked at the focus fabric.   Oh my word this really was a longarm challenge!   No way in the world to EVER get any quilting to show on that fabric.  So then I started looking onl…