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Joy - Custom Longarm Quilting by Valerie Wagner

What a Joy to work on this one!   These DeJonge patterns and fabric colors really speak loud and clear.  I also enjoyed working on the smaller size of around 60".   Most of the Judy Niemeyer patterns I  quilt are about 100" so this really was a Joy to custom quilt!

In progress shot across the frame
In progress from underneath frame

A few of these were in progress shots.  I somehow managed to skip taking a photo of the completed back also.    This quilt was a long time in the planning.   I think I had on my books for 2 years, it was rescheduled 2X by the owner, then rescheduled by Huricane Harvey and other events by me!   I am so happy to finally have this one completed.   Some quilts are like that in our lives, they just get waylayed for various reasons.  But she is gorgeous now and I'm told already bound ready to hang.
If you are interested in custom longarm quilting by me, please contact me to discuss.   I also offer  beautiful  edge to edge designs on my2nd  Innova wi…

Belindas Fire Island Hosta

Belinda's gorgeous Fire Island Hosta that she requested to be longarm custom quilted very lightly. The quilt will be used as a bed quilt. They did not want dense quilting or thread build up.  Light and airy but not an edge to edge.  

 I struggle with light custom, I find it a very difficult task for a quilt with lots of skinny points, triangles and wedges. Areas are too small for light and airy designs and pointy areas need structure.  Blender fabrics like these are very hard to get quilting details to show without lots of quilting.  I hope I succeeded with her request!