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You took your machine?

I called first.   I did not have any hand work prepped (plus lighting ended up being  terrible in room for  that).  So I called to see if I could bring my machine and if there would be a table...  they said to bring it!  Son #3 had to have a 24 hr test at a children's hospital and he was not allowed to leave the room.   Mandatory that someone stay with him.   The nice part was we could bring games and movies to pass the time.   They also provided xbox, wii and play station systems.   I carried my travel sew-in project.   I had several people tell me I was the first they had seen that brought a sewing machine.   Several asked about quilt making, one person even asked where they could get a little machine like mine for his mom! We both passed the time comfortably!   Ohhhhh the the next day....son #2 presented us with this!

Red and Green update

I can't believe this has been on the frame all week!  I've hardly touched it between me catching a summer cold, scheduled annual checkups and summer activities.   A few photos of the progression.   I am quilting this old ufo with easy, no mark designs.  I'm using 1 thread color also  and not crazy about the look...but finished with minimal hours is more important to me right now.  The back looks great.

Jelly Roll Race

Our church sponsored a "sew in" night last week to work on quilts that will be distributed to those in need due to the recent tornado in OK complete with a prize to the winner.   We opted to skip the racing part of the contest and went with a random drawing from the names of those attending but the 1st person that completed DID win the prize of batting to complete her quilt.   The person that organized the event also presented each of us with gift bags of quilty notions, homemade jelly and a mouthwatering homemade apple pie tart in the shape of a heart.  She works, she quilts AND she bakes!

I pulled my top together from leftover strips (mostly pastels) from other projects and one really pretty 20 piece jelly roll from the  Anthology - Color Stories in bright pinks and lime greens.  I was worried that my pastels would be too light so I added a bright pink cornerstone to the end of each strip as I sewed them together.    I'm not sure if my fears were grounded, I think it w…

Borders are on my Red & Green

Finally, after all these years, this one has grown into a quilt top!  It's 108" square and the setting was planned 5 years ago.  Most of the blocks are from 2003.   Now to find or piece a backing and maybe this one goes on the frame tomorrow.   Its not what I would plan today...but I'm thrilled to be able to get it finished.

Red and Green BOM

I'm hoping that I can make some progress on some of my old UFO's this year.  Once again I find myself thinking that this year is almost half gone already!   My Round Robin is in the forefront with ideas for quilting it brewing in my head, meanwhile I decided to pull out my old Red/Green BOM project from my online group.   The last I remembered, I had set it up to quilt in sections on my DSM.   I was tickled to find that I had joined the sections of the quilt top together but the borders had not been cut or added yet.   I don't have any photos of the quilt top in my computer so I went back to my yahoo group and pulled a few photos from there to post and remind myself of the journey.

The above photo was taken in 2008!   The blocks are much older.
Angie claiming this quilt as hers.
Guards posted as I decided layout for the quilt.

Borders cut and 2 sides stitched on yesterday! We used to have so much fun with the online group, and several of us still "talk" just abou…

Adding Bloglovin info

I'm trying to test out the links for Bloglovin.   The sidebar has been added to follow this blog with Bloglovin. 

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My Round Robin from 2002

I pull this out and do the SNS (stand and stare) then decide it needs to wait until I have more time.  I carefully fold it up and pack it away ...  again and again. 

On the surface, the colors are striking and exactly what I asked for from the group (this traveled over several US states, Africa and Australia!).  But when I start planning a formal quilting design for the quilt, I have several problem areas. First is the green inner strip.   Should I applique some little triangles to complete the design instead of leaving them squared off  at the intersections?   That's an easy fix... BUT then what do I do where it intersects with the corners of the Celtic Knot/Chain border?  There is not much space there to continue the green - even as a narrow strip.  Secondly, should I add another outer border?   Also I'm going to have the same issue with the green after this is bound (or if I add another border).  The green is going to square off like the middle border instead of making a …