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My Amish With a Twist 3

Nancy Rink has designed 3 versions with the same name for 1, 2 and 3.   I loved #1... never got around to making it.   I  really really loved #2.   Had the good fortune to quilt #2 for a client.   You can see photos of that gorgeous quilt HERE.   Then, I started seeing photos online of #3 and while attending a local show, The Quilt Room nearby was offering this kitted as a BOM.   I signed up. for them to mail to me each month.  I was not going to go for strike 3 on this one.   I made the quilt during my annual August retreat, put it on my schedule to quilt in December... but that didn't happen.   Slid it into March of this year and it was a scramble getting that 108" done... but I got it done and mostly stayed on schedule.   I had entered it in St Mary's non-judged show for April and was sewing the last 3' of binding while my husband drove me to the drop off location.  Whew... I cut it close!   Still not a proper photo shoot but it's been 2 months... I need to pos…

Summer Special 2017 for Edge to Edge Quilting

New or existing clients can receive 10% off my already low price of 2cents per square inch for edge to edge quilting.  Edge to Edge quilting is one design quilted over the entire body of the quilt without regard to the piecing.   Many styles of quilts benefit from this type of quilting.  My price includes thread and batting, sales tax is additional here in Texas.   Offer is good for one quilt only and it must be received by me no later July 31, 2017.   Offer expires July 31st.   Make your appointment now for your discounted price!   Mention you saw this ad!  Over 100 designs to choose from along with a vast supply of beautiful threads.   Designs can be seen on my website HERE

Alice's Thankful Thanksgiving quilt

I've been saving this one because Alice wanted to wait until after a recent local show to post pictures.  She hand pieced most of the blocks using up her stash of novelty thanksgiving theme fabrics.  Fabrics left over went on the back!

Alice requests that the thread used on the black blend with the fabrics, one color, no matter what is going on with the top thread.   She is so insistent, she doesn't not mind getting that pop of color that sometimes pulls through when speed changes or directional changes, in fact she finds that when that happens she like the color changes.   Luckily, no pops... those straight lines you see used BLACK on top!  I have explained a judge does not want to see color pops on the front or the back.   It's a very stressful situation as many hours go into quilting a 26" pass by  however wide that quilt is, before any advancing occurs to actually see what has happened on the backside with tension. Matching thread, a little tug to one side or the …

Digital Computer Quilting - Sunflower Illusions

Isn't this quilt gorgeous?!   I love those blues and the compass units really remind me of sunflowers.

I have been curious for a while to try the digitized Quiltworx designs for some of her patterns.  So far I have done a Prismatic Star and Rocky Mountain Bear Claw.   Rocky Mountain made me realize sometimes there can be more work setting up before the first stitch is taken... and that I could freehand a design just in the amount of time required to mark the boundaries of that unit in the computer so that I can fit a design inside that area.   SMH.  But edge to edge designs are the same way, as you work with them (handguided or computer), you learn which ones will stitch out no fuss and which ones will require extra time to match up designs across your quilt so you can make better decisions about what can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. 

Anyway, several clients left me quilts last year for when I was ready to venture into computer custom quilting with the digitize…