Saturday, August 30, 2014

Civil War Ohio Star quilt

This quilt is Jacque's and she intended to quilt it herself but found the process on such a large size bed quilt not as enjoyable as planned.  I think her opening question to me is very important.   She asked,  "Would you be willing to quilt this the way I want it quilted?".  Of course!   These are your quilts, we try to finish them to your specifications and budget.   We may have suggestions or reasons why some techniques are better for that quilt but ultimately this is your quilt and your input matters.   She seemed very pleased with the results!
I love the backside of this type of quilt
These are 20" blocks.  BIG.  One of my favorite design lines is how the sashing and the side pieces of the block come together to form a secondary design.
I think this one will be so awesome after it is washed and dried. It is always my hope that I help YOU achieve the look you were hoping for with each quilt.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's almost Back to School Time!

It's almost back to school time and I'm ready for a little more uninterrupted time in my schedule.  Here's a few favorites I quilted recently:

Quilters Dream Puff Poly batting used in the quilt above.

July was 4 weeks of Driver's Ed for my 15 year old, taking him there and 1.5 hrs later picking him back up.  Plus about 17 Doctor visits between myself, 2 boys, 2 cats and a dog!  I knew it was coming, most appointments were scheduled months ago and I scheduled my quilting accordingly.  No customs for July.   On top of that, I'm an officer in 2 clubs plus I am on the planning committee for our upcoming quilt show which is taking way too much of my time.  Oh, I also am trying to set up a .com website for my business and I also bought the quilter's software, The Machine Quilter's Business Manager but... I have not had the time to get them fully operational.  I need a cook, housekeeper, bookkeeper, website manager, chauffeur, dog sitter (yes he's like having a toddler LOL) and personal shopper.  Hmmm, I don't think I make enough money to cover all those salaries!   Maybe I should stop working?    No way!   I have to have those quilts to quilt.   I love it.  Next week is promising, I have some of mine on the schedule to work on.

Side Light

My project is not complete and several were curious what I was building for my longarm.  I saw a post from Jamie Wallen on how to build a side light like the one he has been using for 10 years.   Looks perfect!   I had just recently drug a floor lamp with the bendable goose neck lights back and forth with me across the 100" of quilt.     But unfortunately, mine is not completed yet, I sure needed for another project recently too.   Some of those tone on tone threads are impossible to see with your normal lighting that works for most projects.   But...the size bulb I needed was not available at the hardware store where I shopped.   It was very heavy for the perfect size and the next size that fit was only about 14" long.   I decided to try the 14" one... but tested it before we stuck it down.   It really did not put out much light at all, so I need to shop for a longer light at another store.   Maybe in the next month or so that will happen.   It's going to be pretty and is a perfect match to the lettering on my HQ Fusion.  It's been a busy summer.  School starts back on Monday, I think we all are ready too.    In case you want to see what I'm trying to make, here's the link to Jamie's how to video

Sunday, July 13, 2014

New project!

My son is building something I want for my longarm.   Any guesses what this will eventually be?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scrappy Red and White

Another cute one by Debbie.  I quilted  with a hand guided panto "Undulate" by Denise Schillinger.  I really like that pantograph and those that know me, know that reds and stars are always on the top of my favorite quilts list.  Wish this was mine!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bali Wedding Star update

I did reach the bottom this afternoon while working on my background.   I have not been able to work as planned, allergy symptoms wrecking my days. Either sick with symptoms or sick from taking meds.   Either way...I've been under the weather. Getting closer to a finish but still lots to do.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


This one is also Debbie's quilt, pieced in holiday red, green, and white fabrics.  Quilted like the example from "Skip The Borders" book by Julie Herman.  It turned out really cute.