Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Workshop Retreat

Another busy and productive workshop/retreat with WWIT style  paper piecing friends!  I had to cut my days short as this is my husband's drill weekend so someone needed to be home with the dog and the 16 year old.   I did get to "turn the page" and start a new section on my project during the 3 days I was there and have quite a bit cut and bagged ready to work on as time presents itself.  Always a good feeling to have bags prepped and ready to sew.   Denise Green is on hand to offer tips and demo techniques or even help rip out when we don't sew something in just right!  The Twelve Pines retreat center is starting to feel like home away from home too!   It's very close by, just a little over an hour to get there, for Houston area that is fast!  Everyone else has the rest of the weekend and so many gorgeous things will be on the wall, but meanwhile, many things were in progress!  Our next event is booked for April.  It will be here before we know it.  I will not be cutting my days short for any reason!

It got even worse than this!

No, the quilting fairy did not appear overnight and sew up any units.

My Paradise in Blooms center medallion is constructed.  It can't be sewn together yet because applique gets set over areas of the petals with some raw edges sewn into the seam allowances.

Amazon Star
Prismatic Star

Mariners Compass

  Bali Wedding Star

A few always try to have all their components made for a quilt, then assembles all the units into the quilt top while at the retreat and reveals the entire top!  Woohoo!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lou Ann's Paradise in Blooms

You have seen this quilt top on my blog before here.  We are friends and part of a group we call "WWIT" or What Was I Thinking!  Another good friend is Denise Green of HollyDee Quilts, a CI for Judy Niemeyer patterns. We had a retreat to work on Paradise in Blooms, complete with Denise to teach individually as we had questions.  Of course Lou Ann shows up with all her components made, she just needs to set it all together at the retreat. Miss overachiever lol!
Lou Ann had a request to quilt this one over the top gorgeous and that's not hard to do when you start with something this beautiful to begin with.   I am so happy to report that this quilt took 1st in its category,  BEST OF SHOW,  and  received a National Quilting Association Award of excellence at our local quilt guild show this weekend!   We loved it but it is so awesome for your workmanship to be recognized by a judge and so many quilters visiting the show.  Thank you so much Lou Ann for allowing me to be a part of this!  And many thanks to all the volunteers that put on a fabulous show @ Conroe "Quilty Pleasures" quilt show this weekend.  Golden Needles Quilt Guild.   I'm a member of 3 guilds, and the past 2 shows I had the privilege to have quilted both BOS quilts - woohoo!
A few quilting details, only 1 batting was used, Quilters Dream Wool.  She really does intend for this to be displayed on a bed in her home.   Mostly Glide threads, completely stitched in the ditch with Monolon clear and Superior's smoke.   I really went back and forth on that one.  I lost track of bobbins but between Glide Delights and Glide Classics I'm guessing 30 bobbins of thread.  I know how many of the Delights, I just didn't track the classics and any self wound bobbins I used.  Freehand, some ruler work.   Only chalk was used when marking was required to sketch out lightly those spines in the petals and scrolls in the outer border.  Those spines were inspired by Karen McTavish's classic quilting styles.   I love her work!
We have another retreat coming up the end of the month.  Of course Miss Overachiever already has all her units completed and will be putting the top together at the retreat.   Me?   I'm still working on my Paridise in Blooms! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

A little runner I made using this Judy Niemeyer pattern.   All my piecing was accomplished at bee days or camping!  I was trying to work this one into my schedule for quilting Friday morning before loading the next client quilt.   Of course this little piece would be the one with issues!  I was about 2/3's done with tiny feathering in the background when thread started breaking.   Long story made short,  I finally determined the thread had a section at the bottom "under wound"  meaning it was pulled tighter and actually slid underneath  where it should be spooling off.   No choice.   Rippit!   I then spent 6 hrs ripping out what I had spent about an hour stitching.   Saturday,  I decide to finish off simply with a different thread.  Guess what?  My bobbin tension wasn't perfect and I didn't realize until it was off the frame! !  Not enough to impact the stitch holding together. ..just tiny dots of top thread appear on the backside.   I'm leaving it. too much time invested and I must move on.    Some days some things just aren't meant to be I believe.  A part of me wanted to do a simple all over design and be done, if I had originally done so, my tension would have been perfect and it would have used less thread therefore not having technical difficulties with that cone and it would have be done and off the frame quickly.   Seems that way anyway!   You just never know and it is what it is! 
Chasing the shade that day.  It was a hot one and shade seemed to disappear every 20 minutes! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Snowbird BOM

This client added to the 2014  Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer BOM to get it king-sized for her bed.  She wanted a little of everything on this quilt,  with preferred treatments of dense geometric,  circles,  pebbling,  faux trapunto, straight line grids instead of curved crosshatching.  Even though these fabrics are soft feminine florals,  she wasn't a fan of feathers or floral motifs.   She did like a feather that I used on another quilt in setting triangles and agreed to use those there.   So we really do have lots of styles hopefully merging into a cohesive plan on this big quilt!   Lots of star points and  setting areas to quilt.  Also eleven border segments!   Her request was to keep each one separate and not combine into larger units.  I hope I gave her the look she wanted.  She seemed thrilled with the results and sent me a picture of it on her bed.  Freehand, hand guided quilting, no computer.  Lots of elements,  way too many photos!
That's my favorite element in the quilt, the leafy, feathery swirl border with a puffy head.   I'm happy that white border looks like it sits on top the bed too so very visible.
part of the 11 components.  Those blending fabrics are easy to make into larger borders using one seam line for a stem in a feather for example.  Then you can also get more design into the border.   I left these a little loose, open and swirly because those florals don't show a lot of detail, only dimension.  I also turned the quilt for those long borders  done in navy so I didn't have "chunks" and could quilt those sections more fluidly.
Paperclip swirl.
I used a stencil on the light and pebbled behind it.
Of course, the most visible area is that darn feather above the star in each corner.  I felt it needed a feather there to tie in but it really shows as a feather a lot more than I anticipated.
The above block also had a smaller stencil in the middle, CC petals in the center and freehand CC all around the block.  Filled the area perfectly!  I love it when a stencil works out.
These fabrics have been very popular, I am told they are from the Snowbird line by Edyta Sitar.   My 3rd quilt to quilt in these fabrics! 
Sorry for the photo overload!