10 weeks TKR (Total Knee Replacement)

Monday marks the completion of 10 weeks since my surgery.  I continue to struggle getting to a "0" extension but some improvement has been made.  I've now progressed from a walker to a cane to unassisted.  I am driving in my neighborhood.  I have avoided the freeways so far.  However I still walk with a limp and walking is pretty much limited to getting in and out of buildings due to pain.   I am not able to take a stroll around the block or walk for exercise at this time.  I am beginning to apply what feels like equal weight on both legs for a few minutes at less swollen times of the day.  Walking and standing for more than an hour is not possible at this time.  I can not sleep through the night and moderate pain is evident 24/7.  Crazy right?   How do I have surgery and I am worse than before!!??

Most people are feeling so much better by this time.  Many have returned to work.   I have the added burden that I must stand and move about all day with my work and really can…

Six Week TKR

Never ever did I imagine I would be still be at this level in rehab at 6 weeks.   Everyone is different I've joined an online support group so I at least have some folks to not feel alone with because so many do so well so quickly.  Protocol always said that we would be using some sort of assistance or walking device for 6-12 weeks with a full recovery a year or more out!  Many are done with that so much sooner.   I did graduate to a cane Monday which was my 6 weeks date.  Canes are really difficult when your knee is swollen into a tree stump and totally non-responsive to your body! No support to me at all. I mostly don't use it in the house. You can't prop it anywhere that it doesn't fall on the floor and I have enough furniture to hold onto in most rooms.  Shopping I'm told to get a grocery cart and use that for support.

At 4 weeks I had 2.5 days that I felt like I was making progress then I was slammed backward again.   Monday I actually had a very good day and …

Surgery Update

Some of you may not be aware that I recently opted to go for a total knee replacement surgery.   I injured my right knee 40+ years ago, had surgery in '91 and  '12 cleaning it up and trying to make do but a replacement was the next option.    I rocked on another 5 years but the past year was increasingly difficult, with a reduction in things that I could continue to participate in without pain and swelling even with medication.  Acts like sitting in a car or airplane or standing all day long to quilt had become increasingly difficult.   I could not put it off any longer.   I planned surgery 30 days out to give me time to try to get things in order with work prior to surgery and formulate a plan.

The timeline for recovery is quite long but so many people told me they were back to their routines so quickly, I was hoping for the same for myself.   Unfortunately, my recovery has been very slow (but average per statistics).   Personally, I had no understanding of how limited my ran…

Tis The Season Custom Longarm Quilting

This is my friend Bernie's beautiful quilt she created in the hoop with embroidery designs by Claudias Creations.   The pattern is called 'Tis the Season.   I love this quilt!

 It had stabilizer and was embroidered over 2 layers of fabrics plus all the threads making this piece very stiff.   I used  2 layers of batting, QD Puff  over a layer of QD white poly select.   I wasn't sure if we would get dimension even using 2 battings but to my surprise it quilted up beautifully.   I chose Puff because it is white compared to my wool and because I have heard it does not hold a crease.  This wallhanging will be stored approximately 10 months every year.   I am interested to find out how true that claim is.   I found a lovely version of thi sonline,  quilted by Karen Marchetti  that I thought had good symmetry that I based my quilting on.  Of course I did not even try to quilt her standard background fill with the tiny squared off fan blades!  I find it so helpful sometimes to see…

Kathryns Vintage Rose Custom Longarm Quilting

Here is version # 5 of a  Vintage Rose  pattern that I have now quilted.  All so different!   I love that this quilt is so versatile.  Kathryn did an amazing job as usual with her version.  I went a little dense in some areas, light custom in other areas but did use double batting with wool on top to get a stronger take on the dimension since quilting itself can be so hard to see on these gorgeous Kafe fabrics.

Isn't that a fun version?!   I used a hot pink thread for most of the quilting.

Pats Vintage Rose - Custom Longarm Quilting

Pat was referred to me by Sandra Kollath in Minnesota.  We met several years ago at one of Denise Green's Judy Niemeyer retreats.   Sandra became a certified instructor for Judy Niemeyer as well and Pat was one of her students.  Pat's quilt is really special because she told me it was her 97th bed sized quilt and she was 87 when she pieced it! 

I choose to accent her beautiful 2 color Vintage Rose with some digital quilting designs.  Most are by Carrie Barone of Peak to Prairie Quilting, some are by Nancy  at Wasatch Quilting and ditching and some designs are my own hand guided designs.

Such a pretty quilt!  What an accomplishment to be able to work on complex designs like these in your 80's. This was Vintage Rose #4 that I have custom longarm quilted.   #5 has already been quilted and shipped as well.   I have a few more in my line up for this year, each very different from all that I have quilted too.   VR is a very customizable pattern that you can create something ver…

Joy - Custom Longarm Quilting by Valerie Wagner

What a Joy to work on this one!   These DeJonge patterns and fabric colors really speak loud and clear.  I also enjoyed working on the smaller size of around 60".   Most of the Judy Niemeyer patterns I  quilt are about 100" so this really was a Joy to custom quilt!

In progress shot across the frame
In progress from underneath frame

A few of these were in progress shots.  I somehow managed to skip taking a photo of the completed back also.    This quilt was a long time in the planning.   I think I had on my books for 2 years, it was rescheduled 2X by the owner, then rescheduled by Huricane Harvey and other events by me!   I am so happy to finally have this one completed.   Some quilts are like that in our lives, they just get waylayed for various reasons.  But she is gorgeous now and I'm told already bound ready to hang.
If you are interested in custom longarm quilting by me, please contact me to discuss.   I also offer  beautiful  edge to edge designs on my2nd  Innova wi…