Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sedona Star

Kathy's quilt is done!   Very striking quilt top.   Lots of fills with pretty threads on a high contrast backing makes for one spectacular quilt.   Superior's Fantastico variegated thread in Hanalei for the main part of the quilt, then a little Glide in pink, green and yellow rounded out the threads.    QD Wool over QD Midnight Poly.


Thursday, March 26, 2015


A beautiful bargello complemented by the motion of "Undulate" hand guided panto design by Denise Schillinger.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pumpkin Theme Quilts

A recent finish of a couple of client quilts with pumpkin themes.   The first one was made with that method that you fold fabric and sew together.  A rolled edge gets created.  Fast piecing,  but the curves need to be top stitched down by DSM which makes the block more time consuming.  These  edges were  left open over the next layer of fabric.  As you move your machine across the top, your foot slides inside and gets trapped.  Also those folded fabrics joining other sections can make for bulky seams that  my hopping foot can't transition.  Fortunately,  this will be a table topper and the request was a simple edge to edge design with a little detail at the pumpkins and leaves.  She chose a variegated beige thread that doesn't really show in these pictures.  The 2nd set of photos is a  "Twister Jack" jackolantern.   I quilted some fun dense fills for this wallhanging.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tonga for Two

Sharing a few of the original photos posted last year when I quilted this one.    This quilt won the Viewers Choice award at the West Houston Quilter's Quilt Guild show last week!   Congratulations Cindy to another awesome win.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quilts at a recent show

One I quilted was hanging at West Houston's quilt show!    No ribbons won but it sure looked pretty hanging.  One of her miniatures took a First Place and a Judge's Choice ribbon though!   Yeah Cindy!

Update - Tonga for Two won the Viewer's Choice award!!!!

Wedding Stars

I have no idea what the name of this pattern is.   One of those contacts where we talked on the phone, a quick drop off at a convenient location.  Quilting design chosen from the blog.   I did not know the story about the quilt but I did inquire when I delivered it back to her.  I didn't know if that shiny material was a silk or what.   Well, it turns out that the shiny is material from the train on her grown daughter's wedding dress!   What a fun idea.   I have no idea if it can be washed though.  I do like the layout, if anyone knows the pattern name, please post.   I would like to add that to patterns that I want to make.   And now you have another idea of something to do with that 30 year old wedding gown taking up space!

And yes, that one fabric had decorative threads on top.  It appears that the pattern is your star, with a sashing strip on top and bottom.  Then 2 of those on each side.   Each block is then rotated.   I don't know if there is a specific # of fabrics, a specific layout to use those fabrics or if it was done scrappy style....sort of like pulling the strips from a bag and saying I'm using this one next!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mill Girls

A beautiful quilt by a friend and client.  She also is a friend of the pattern designer.  This BOM called "Mill Girls" was created by  Nancy Rink and she also co-authored the book  "Away From Home" by Nancy and Oliver Rink.   The book tells the story taken from the diaries and letters of Lowell, Massachusetts, the Mill Girls and the history of the textile factories where they worked.  Interesting bit of history and a lovely quilt to use on your bed.