Sunday, March 1, 2015

Glacier Star

I quilted this beautiful Glacier Star quilt for the Colorado Valley Quilt Guild, LaGrange, TX which debuted this week at their quilt show.  Lots of detail in the lights where quilting really shows, non competing designs in the colorful batiks letting the piecing shine.  This could be YOUR quilt!  Contact the guild to purchase tickets for their 2016 fund raiser.





Even with 14 spools of gold bobbin thread... it's very hard to see the detail on that beautiful batik backing!  Details stitched in the ditch with Madiera Monolon, Glide threads used for the main quilting designs.
Hanging @ the LaGrange Quilt show:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boy quilts

These 2 boy quilts were made for a client's exchange students,  soon to be heading back to England.  Hand guided pantos used: Triangle Tangle by Apricot Moon and Square Spiral by Keryn Emmerson.   Perfect for boy quilts.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Quilts for new grandbaby

These are client quilts for her newest granddaughter born last week.    They are so cute!    Bunny is to be a wall hanging in the nursery.  The Dresden plate style pinwheel quilt is to be used as a soft, cuddly quilt.  

 I knew of a fantastic feathered version by another quilter for this bunny but my client felt that style was a little too heavy in the quilting area.   She seemed very pleased with my version and wants to keep it for herself  (it's sometimes so hard to part with these things isn't it?!).

This one is the one she wanted custom quilted, but yet still snuggly.   I used Quilter's Dream Puff and love that batting for a softer, more puffy look and feel in a quilt.   This one presented some frustration to me because as with many baby quilts, these are  8" blocks with little background, lots of sashings and then an outer border.  When custom quilting there is not much space to leave in a loose design so you do get that soft cuddly dimension.  No SID and lots of loose open designs.   I could have done something more open on that outer border but felt it needed a pretty feather finish.   I wish I could see how this wash and dries.

I alternated sashing designs because it was doubled in the body of the quilt but the outer sashing was only one strip,  No SID, open design in the blocks.  finished with a pretty feather outer border.    My phone crashed and this is all the photos of have of this one. 

Cute pieced backing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Batik Signature Quilt

This is the second quilt that I have had the pleasure of quilting for Elizabeth.    I don't know the pattern name, but the lights are all sentiments and best wishes from guests at her recent wedding.   The setting and beautiful batiks really make this an awesome quilt!   Glide thread in Cool Gray#7 that blended very nicely, too much going on to compete with those fabrics.   Chinook hand guided panto by Denise Schillinger.    Just in time to celebrate their 1st anniversary on 2/14.   Happy Anniversary Elizabeth!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Saying Goodbye to some quilts

Do any of you have this problem?   I have a hard time giving away some of my quilts!   Many were practice quilts dating back to machine quilting on the DSM, or the Grace/Juki set up.  Some are in colors that are not my typical decorating scheme.   Many are baby quilt size but not really up to par to give as a gift as coming from me - the quilter!  But for whatever reason, I just keep hanging on to them.  Well, this weekend I identified a few that I can pass along.   This one, a sweet quilt that I do like, doesn't really fit in well in my household with black cats and 3 men in the house.   It is headed off soon to have a new home!   You can click to read about the inspiration for this Robert Kaufman Challenge on my blog.   Goodbye quilt!   It's time you came out of storage and got used, maybe even loved!

It sort of looks like a Valentine's Day quilt doesn't it?  In retrospect, solids are the most difficult to hide stops and starts in your quilting plus I'm sure I was using a 40 wt thread when I was trying to quilt that diagonal design that I drafted for this quilt. I took this one entirely off the frame and "frogged" to remove all the quilting.  I was so unhappy with where that one was going!   Honestly, I have not had another exactly like this come my way again with solids and LONG diagonal grids that I was trying to quilt as the main element to the quilt.   My guess is, that it would have been fine (well maybe other than the starts and stops)..... I was being too critical.   We tend to think in perfection but if you study many quilters' work, we all have little jiggles here and there. I'm pretty sure I would not be using a 40wt thread today on that solid.  I DO still agree with the evaluation of the unwashed RK fabrics.   Lots of crinkly fabric there and even with fabric softner, the fabric weave still remains a little coarse.   I'm spoiled, I really like a flannel back too!   Oh well, hopefully it will be enjoyed, I do like the quilt and the colors appeal to me.... just not to all the guys in this house LOL!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Vintage Sheet Quilt

This appears to be entirely made from vintage sheets, backing included.  Someone made the top and then I was asked to quilt it.  This will be sold as a fund raiser in our boutique at the 2016 Quilt Show.   Funds raised go toward  funding our speakers and workshops.

The quilt is large.  Aproximatelty 100" long and almost as wide.   Lots of negative space to play in.   But way too much of it for free...   at a 2 cent Panto rate and using 100 x 100 as an example.   That's $200  income/quilting hours I lost quilting this.  Now in this case, I had it for months and quilted it in between lulls.  BUT I could have been cleaning my house or working on my own projects.    Do you think this quilt will sell for $200?  $100?   Freebies I dont mind...I plan for 12 a year...but I need lap size lol!  Can you tell that I am so burned out over the number of hours each week I am obligated to spend on our guild?  

Hand quided pantograph "Tickled Pink" by Patricia Ritter and Valerie Smith.