Saturday, February 18, 2017

Dogwood Winter

Kathryn Zimmerman has been busy again creating this feathered star appliqued piece that she had custom quilted by me.  It is back in her hands again getting blinged up a little.  I look forward to seeing the completed project.



Do note that this piece did arrive with rouched trim and flowers, stuffed flower centers and some beading already on the top.   These embellishments to make it difficult to quilt.   Note the placement of the ruler over one stuffed center.  Very difficult to press hard enough on the ruler to get a flat edge anywhere on this top.  Pressing that hard with my shoulder injury creates  problems for me for the next 6 months when it gets aggravated and I have no breaks in my quilting schedule to heal.  Or the potential to hit the ruler with my needle breaking it and messing up my timing.

Shortly after this was quilted, a friend was at an applique class and posted pictures of a beautiful flower arrangement in raised 3D applique.    This made me wonder how the heck DO you quilt a quilt with that many embellishments and raised detail.   Many flowers appeared to be 1" or higher, there was a separate ribbon and bow winding through one piece.    I'm not even sure as the maker I would want that rolled onto the bars of the longarm.  I suppose those are reserved for the hand quilter?
Thank you Kathryn and good luck with this piece.   If you are in the area in March, you can view this in the Pigeon Forge quilt show, their 23rd annual event, A Mountain Quiltfest   3/21-3/25.   This was the first larger quilt show that I ever attended and took classes back in 2001. I had no idea they were that new in the quilt show world though.   They all were new to me!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Kathryn's Lumina Feathered Star

Kathryn finished her top at our retreat last summer and has waited patiently for her time slot for some playful light custom quilting.   These bright colors made my job so much fun!  This is another Judy Niemeyer Quiltworx paper pieced pattern.    Kathryn's daughter helped her choose the fabrics.  I love it!

I've lost my space to hang these large quilts for photos. I do like the view from the stairwell though of that quilt on the frame!     I was so sad to see that I did not make a blog post from our August retreat but I did search on my facebook account and found a photo of Kathryn with her finished quilt top.

Thanks Kathryn!   I hope you enjoy many years of looking at this one your bed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Alice's Modern City

I was going to include a link for this pattern as I find it so interesting, something I might even like to make someday but I'm not finding it.  Obviously the name I've been calling it is wrong!   I saw the pattern book cover, maybe an Australian designer?  So, name wrong and at time of completion, I did not have time to hang for nice photos.   So, wrong name, no full on photos.  Sorry!   ***La Dolce Vita***

Alice loves paper piecing and needle turn applique, making many quilts each year with detailed designs.   Alice chose a circular edge to edge design for this fun quilt.

***Edited... Pattern name is La Dolce Vita by Kimberly Rado.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Alice's Paradise In Blooms

It finally happened!  A prolific quilter said, let's try this.   We chose an edge to edge design for her beautiful Paradise in Blooms, complete with needle turn applique.  I must say I am completely happy with this and would not hesitate to recommend doing this again.   Surf digital edge to edge design by Anne Bright,  Quilters Dream Wool, Glide thread in Warm Gray #4.


Thank you Alice for such a lovely quilt and being brave enough to try this.   We both think it turned out awesome!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Quilt Shows and Longarm Quilters

I've had almost 48 hours and my emotions are beginning to return to a normal range, but it has been one heck of a day and a half.  My concern really isn't Road to California, it's about all shows, it's about publications, it's about anyone that has been denied recognition of their contribution to whatever it is.   This particular event brings to the forefront every insult from lack of acknowledgement from several shows even in my own neighborhood, my guilds.

Quilts I have quilted for two different clients  belonging to two different local guilds (that I am also a member of), have won Best of Show.   Did I get a ribbon for either one?   No. Even worse, one of these shows did not even list me as the quilter!   **Edited -   The SHOW did not list me as quilter on the id card.   The maker did.   Another quilt I quilted in that show omitted my name as well on the card**   Another quilt I quilted at my main guild won a Judges Award for Best Machine Quilting.  Did I get a ribbon?   No.    I quilted it!   I am the quilter. My gosh, how weird is that?  I don't have a lot of show experience but in the past few years that I have been quilting for others and people have been showing quilts that I have quilted  A few ribbons have been earned, even some awarded at the regional and national level.  Some shows give the quilter a ribbon, most don't.   One guild in particular in my area gives the very same beautiful ribbon to the quilter and I so appreciate that.   Then you have of course clients that you may not know well, you may not be aware a quilt has been shown or if it won a ribbon.

A client recently entered a quilt I quilted and it was accepted into Road to California.   I was very thrilled to be hanging there.   With all the amazing talent in the world, I certainly did not expect to win a ribbon but to be interesting enough to be selected to actually hang in one of the USA's larger shows is a pretty big deal.  I thought it odd all that first day that no one tagged me in a photo of the quilt hanging there.   I knew of someone there and specifically asked her to take a photo.   She took some beautiful photos including the ID information.    To my complete surprise, I was not listed as the quilter.    No wonder no one had sent me photos!

I'm not going to rehash all the details, but the client did not list me as the quilter on the registration.   He has never gotten back to me to explain and I think it is pretty obvious.   The 1st line on the form asks for the name of the "Maker", the 2nd line of the form as for the name of the  "Quilter".   How could you make a mistake?

Initially, I did not contact Rd - but at the urging of several people I did Friday afternoon.  Friends felt like it was an error on Road to California's end but  actually they did provide proof to me that they did not make the error, the client had listed himself as maker and quilter.   They  took immediate steps to resolve the issue.   Within a few hours, a friend at the show sent me a photo of the corrected ID showing me as the quilter!     I am grateful.

Where am I going with all this?   I do not know.  I am saddened that it seems no one wants to recognize our contribution to the finished quilt.  I'm angry at the blatant disregard for giving credit to so many quilters.   Just today on a social media longarm group, a longarmer proudly displayed a quilt that he had quilted and the client won a ribbon on.   A huge name card hung from the quilt.   The makers name.  No quilter's name.  Why do we let them do this?   Some people feel that what we do is no different than the fabric they purchased or a stencil used.   I don't know the answer, but I am very saddened by all this.  Why does this continue?

I can't walk away and leave this world.   This has been my passion.   It now is  my family's sole income.   I'm not going to let organizations and dishonest people take away my joy.  I'm going to rise above these hurtful actions and keep on doing what I love.   Quilting!  If it takes rattling cages at a few shows... maybe I'll do that too.

   Gravity, pieced and quilted by me.

Quilted version
Unquilted.  Which would you rather see in a show?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Green Scrappy

Sally had a lot of  piecing into this scrappy green quilt.  Quilted with a green variegated thread on top and a little less green shade on the back.  Quilted with Bubbles Big/Small.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Texas Two Step - edge to edge quilting

This is a lovely scrappy quilt and that black inner sashing really enhances the colors.   To get the backing to the right size, she also added black borders on each side of her main fabric.   The golden beige color of the thread was so striking on the black.   My photo color does not capture how pretty this quilt finished.    Machine computer guided pantograph using  Bethanne Nemesh's Feather Grande and Omni thread in Creek Bed.