Saturday, October 25, 2014

Midnight Harvest #2

This is the 2nd one of these that I have quilted with the tops being made by friends.  Quilting requested in a style similar to the original designer's version quilted by  "The Quilted Pineapple".  Lovely wool applique!



Friday, October 10, 2014

It's a Jewel of a quilt!

What a fun custom to quilt!    This was made by the Wanna Bees of WAQG as a donation to the MDAnderson Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project 2015.   I have since found the pattern name to be called "Squedge 22.5".   It's a free pattern that comes with the wedge ruler purchase.   I also found a you tube video showing how to cut this out.   Really fun!   I may have to order one of those, a quilter always needs more rulers right?   But on to the quilt, lots of feathers and lines - oh my!

Busy border, doesn't show quilting. 
This quilt and others will be auctioned in October of 2015.  You can follow this quilt on their facebook page OvarianCancerQuiltProject.  If you are at Quilt Festival this year, stop by their booth (not vendors but on the other side of the quilt displays you will find educational booths).   I'm told this quilt will be there!   

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Asian themed Crane panel wallhanging

Another fantastic quilt by Karen.  The fabrics are gorgeous and I tried to let those be the focus of the quilt.  I knew she wanted the cranes to appear like they had been trapunto quilted so I needed to quilt densely in the background of that panel.  Thread embellishment, background fill and some border treatments finished this off nicely.   I really like the way this turned out.  My husband like this one so much he tried to buy it from Karen!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Red Hot and CW Sampler

These cute quilts were quilted by me using 2 of my favorite designs.  It's amazing  sometimes how that panto or all over design really creates unity across scrappy quilts plus you get more quilting overall than a light custom treatment.  I love these and would enjoy snuggling with them any day.
Hand guided panto.  Undulate © Denise Schillinger
Hand guided panto.  Feathered Curls © Irene Steele

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Combined Longarm and Sewing Studio

I only recently completed setting up things into what was one of the teens' bedroom, he had moved out and I need the space.   We have other sleeping arrangements for short term visits so we were all OK with taking that room over.  Then he made the decision that he should be home.  After thinking through all options for our home, we decided the most comfortable arrangement was to re-set up that room as his bedroom again and put all my stuff back into one room.  I had finally emptied all my boxes after almost 3 years!  Now I had no space for all that stuff.    I'm crowded but it's workable.   We see photos of all these wonderful studios but I know there are many like me, wishing for more space.  So, I thought I would share my limited and not so pretty workspace.

My design wall on one side of the window and  I took my TV down from the right side to add a free standing closet.

I changed the configuration and have my sewing machine table fully opened.  The design wall  (there are 2  4' panels) can be pulled over and slide in front of the window for short term work area.  I also use my longarm table as a cutting table.  Works great!

The new closet for keeping client quilts.   Purchased on sale @ The Container Store.  One disadvantage to being in a loft.  No walls!  One advantage  - no walls!   I use those ledges, wonderful to stack rulers or my pin cushion, my iron when pressing those long seams along the bar on my longarm.   I can drape the batting over the edge while I'm loading the back.   Also it is not as confining as a room that size would be with full walls.  

I love it, very sturdy wire frame, 2 sections for hanging and 2 shelves.   I tag everything that comes in and record  it in a log.   If you bring batting, it gets a tag with a number that corresponds to your top, my work order is attached to the hanger or bag.  Everything is crossed documented in my log.  Often if a panto or thread is chosen, I keep it in a bag that is tagged with your top # as well.  It's already been pulled once, I may as well keep it all together if I can.
This is a little crowded.  Travel supplies for my "bees" and classes, sewing machine thread boxes, but I know where it all is.  The basket is now by the crate also.  He can't be loose because he delights in shredding the rolled batting but he is very used to the crate now and happily naps while I work.

My sewing machine table is fully extended; however, it becomes a dumping ground for projects.  2 rolls of my most used batting are stored on the bars on the longarm.   Other less frequently used rolls or bags of batting are stored to the right of the machine.

I left my desk, it has my bobbin winding area and also a cutting mat.  Floor storage is utilized everywhere!

Awful.  Fabric and UFO storage UNDER the longarm table.   I've got to get these projects moved on and free up space in my life.
The worst area.   I wasn't fully set up when I took this picture.   I have drawers with small cuts of fabric, the book case houses tubs of color coded longarm thread.  I've since taken the real cutting table to the garage.  Gizmo's crate and Kricket's basket  sit there now as well as the vacuum and my floor fan.   I get hot upstairs working but the movement from the fan is all I need.
That's it, my crowded longarm AND sewing studio.    But, I can walk on all sides of my longarm, I have a space to do most everything.   I sold my big studio Accuquilt Cutter and my Brother Scan N Cut.  If I get my fabric and projects downsized, it really isn't so bad being all in one space.   All my tools are close at hand!  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Bali Wedding Star

Piped binding made and completed over Labor Day Weekend.   I noticed 3 inner arcs that were missing quilting.   I took the time to load on my frame this afternoon and quilt that section (how did I miss that?)  Label not made yet, I may get a friend to make me a nice embroidery machined label.  So, finally after 2 years and 7 months in process;  or rather limbo waiting for me to have time lol, I have it soaking in the washer!  There are steps that used glue basting that needs to be removed plus almost 3 years of handing the blocks,  lots of starch and Best Press.   Wow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything stays intact, neat, square, and no bleeding fabrics.   Just awesomeness when it's done!

Another "Aiming for Accuracy" QAL

I love the fabrics in this client's quilt and the pieced backing makes for a gorgeous reversible quilt.  Hand guided panto "Wave on Wave" by Patricia E Ritter.  The first picture is the back.