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Goose on the Loose

I recently was commissioned by a long time friend to make a special quilt for one of her friends.  She really did not know what she wanted other than the fact that she wanted to include a Bible verse on the quilt and she wanted blues.  She did not want a bed size quilt either.  We discussed  a few designs and styles then this quit in Quiltmaker magazine sparked an interest for me.   I really loved the background fabric used in this pattern plus I thought the center block would be perfect for embroidery of the Bible verse.   Of course, 2 shopping trips and 3 stores later;  I did not find ANY fabric similar to the one used in the magazine example.  But in the end, I think my version worked out very nicely.   The client commented  how I often feel -  she wants to keep it for herself!

The client has a menagerie of animals so when these 2 came out for quality assurance inspections, I did not shoo them away.   They were so happy with the results, they kissed! Awwwww.
. Pieced backing