Judges Choice Award for Design!

"I Think I Need A Spa Day" won a judges choice award!   I almost did not even enter this small quilt.   It's invisible machine applique and piecing but nothing like traditional applique quilts and has no variety of techniques (small circles, flowers, leaves, vines etc).  But, I think visually it is interesting and wanted to display it and finally decided to judge it as well.    We did not have a modern quilt category so this was against any beautiful Baltimore album type quilts or more traditional applique quilts.  Again I never expected a ribbon, just thought it interesting and would look nice in the show.    I was so surprised to be awarded a Judges Choice ribbon for Design!!!   The judging sheet has "Excellent" marked everywhere... visual impact, piecing, applique, workmanship... and the only ding on this review was my corners were not perfectly square 90 degrees.    If I remember correctly... this one even worked out having a darn seam fall at one corner Ugh.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!   Never saw that one coming but am thrilled because I did "design" it.


This time no check mark on "Back art adds interest".   Hmmmm wonder what she didn't like about this one??!!  I wish I could HANG it so the back shows.  LOL!

This was made for a challenge that we did have free reign to make changes.   As you can see... I changed mine a lot!   The pattern zigged and zagged, didn't necessarily meet at intersections and didn't do anything for me creatively.   So as usual, I took the challenge to make something using the basic component of that quilt pattern and made it into something I did like!    Hence the name of the quilt.  The original pattern published was "spa day" and after fudging with this quilt getting all those intersections to match up.... I named mine "I Think I Need A Spa Day"!