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Big, Beautiful and Scrappy Quilts

More computerized edge to edge quilting by Pamela and Pat.   This first one is a really big 120" scrappy quilt by Pamela that I did not even try to get all in the photos!  Thimbleberries patterns come to mind but I don't know if this was a specific pattern or blocks she put together herself.   I used" bd 2010 pano 001"  by Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio. 

Before quilting, on the frame
Back view.   I love this design but it is a monster to stitch out at this large size of quilt.   The pattern was sized at 18" and stitched up and down until it completed one row.  Because of this stitch pattern and large quilt, I could not complete one pass on one bobbin of thread.   It took TWO bobbins per pass to complete.    I don't think I have ever run a panto that used 14 bobbins of thread before.   I'll maybe try this on a smaller quilt with pre-wound 60 wt bobbins, otherwise I'll have to move this one to a more expensive rate edge to edge design.   I really love it …

Modern style quilts

A couple more recent finishes for Sally.  Hand guided and computer designs.  The hex quilt is from a jelly roll pattern and is so cute.  I custom quilted with a variety of fills in the strips. This one isalso really cute, I loved the bold design of the frames.   I chose "Bubble Big Small" by Kraker Quilting, computerized quilting for this one.  It turned out pretty cute! Quilt was not yellow - something with the lighting there.   Nice Blue/gray batik backing.

Holiday Quilting

I am so behind in posting photos.   Here are a few that were quilted in computerized edge to edge patterns.  They are all so pretty!

in process Dian's jelly roll and Lynda's Rosebud quilts were quilted on our new Innova Mach 3 Auto Pilot system using Feliz Navidad by Natalie Gorman, edge to edge quilting.

Barbara's Cross was quilted using Surf by Anne Bright digital design.   This was so pretty and it fell flat with my camera skills/lighting.   The fabrics were gold metallic and so pretty!  With my studio move from upstairs to downstairs, the lighting is different, space to photo is different.   I have not perfected my simple phone photos yet on where is the best place to display.

Baby quilts with Texas panels

One of my oldest and dearest friends is expecting twin Grandbaby boys in what is now just a few weeks away.   She was here recently and I explained that I did not have time for piecing, but maybe we could find a cute panel that I could simply add borders to and quilt.   We went shopping at my favorite local quilt shop which happens to have a huge selection of panels.   Her 2nd panel she looked at was the one.  She looked no further on the rack.   It even came in 2 colorways  so she opted to do one of each.

I pieced the backing so that we could load these side by side and quilt both at the same time.  Twin quilting for the twin quilts!
Black backing Yippee Ki Yay pantograph by Patricia Ritter, quilted with Mach3Auto Pilot, computerized quilting by Bob and me.   We are both learning the system together but ultimately, we are looking at Bob taking over the edge to edge computerized quilting.    I'm still overseeing thread tension, all starts and stops, advancing, loading but he has t…

Carol's Fire Island Hosta

Another beauty from Carol!  This is a Judy Niemeyer /Quiltworx pattern Fire Island Hosta in the queen version.  She has been busy making gorgeous new quilts for all her bedrooms.

I've been getting a run on aqua quilts lately, 2 big ones recently and another one is on its way to me.  This was a really popular colorway!   I used teals/aquas in my own stalled PIB 0  mine is bold.  Maybe someday I will have some time to work on it.  This was custom quilted on my 26" Innova prior to the big move in my studio.  Sorry, I did not get to load this on my display stand to take a full picture.   I  already regret not having that full on picture!   I did take a pic of half of it hanging over my loft area as it came off the frame.  I do miss having that area to hang things off of as I work in my new studio space.   I like that full on picture, very dynamic designs.   This one was 101" and not much on each side of that 108"? backing (wasn't prewashed either so no shrinkage). …

International Quilt Market 2016

I recently had the privilege to quilt several quilts for Lindsay, The Cottage Mama for Houston's International Quilt Market this year!   I really enjoyed quilting these darling  quilts with a soft swirly whimsical flair that was requested to showcase her new "Dainty Darling" fabric line @ Riley Blake Designs.
This star quilt was most likely my last hand guided pantograph.  I was getting my new Innova with AP installed soon after this was quilted.   Hand guided "petal pushers" by Lisa Calle.   A bow design was quilted into each of the three quilts.

So much fun with all that luscious pink and being able to do "girly" designs.   I do love pink so these were extra special to quilt up.

Dresdens above custom quilted with a dahlia type spin on the Dresden with lots of curly, swirly fill as requested.   The tulip design below was al swirly, curly and I think turned out really "darling"!

I had to do some blacklight quilting to see my arcs I chalked…