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Last Quilt on the Frame for 2010

I did get this quilt loaded on Christmas Day and got in a few hours both that day and yesterday.  I'm still rather worried about being square.  Lined things up the best I knew how considering I could not find my longarm centering tape!   I have some "d cups" in the hexagons and am trying my hand with 2 batts - one poly and one Hobbs which is supposed to help with that, filling in where there is extra fullness in your blocks.   I also basted my outer borders and wanted to start with the center quilting.   If that turns out well, it will help inspire me how to quilt the outer borders.  Well, as soon as I started quilting with the 2 batts, I knew I was going to have to ditch stitch around those borders, things started going puffy!   I loaded monofilament thread and SITD, not too well I might add!    This is my first quilt to try this technique on the frame also.    But loving my first few rounds of CC's in the body of the quilt.

Feathered Fleece Again

Finally got back to the fleece I bought when - October?   These are for my DGD's and are to be in their Christmas.   Hope the package makes it there on time....

I got tired of feathers and decided to fit a panto into the space.  I have never inserted a panto into a section of a quilt before so this was a good place to start.  All worked well, used blue painters tape to mark my panto start/stop and also taped over sections and re-drew some areas to have nice fill within the space.   I am pleased with the results of both of these.

Meandering feathers for Laura
Clematis flowers/vine for Julia
Detail of Clematis pattern.

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll Step 2

A little slow updating the blog...  the past few weeks have been a very challenging juggling act.  Monday starts week 4 on the remodel.  Living with little to zero kitchen use, and also without our master bathroom.   Not only that, but in the bathroom they did a terrible job texturizing the walls, then painted.   We had to have them sand it all off and start over it was that bad....   Most of you know what that sheet rock dust is like all over your house too.  Kitchen floor is in and we can walk on it.  One leg for the island is not here and 2 doors that were refurbished from the existing cabinets are not here yet (gee only takes 2 weeks and was ordered in OCT - Oh I forgot that was only my part - the general contractor still has to place the order....)  Installing new countertops tomorrow but can't install the cooktop/island because we don't have the base complete.  Very frustrating experience....    Anyway, here is the progress on my Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery.

Step 2 HST …