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Sally's Beautiful Caswell Quilt

Once again, another amazing applique quilt from Sally.   Her vision for these appliques and fabric choices are so nice, there are lots of details in this quilt.   I have included a ton of photos, I apologize.  I haven't taken the time to really analyze, but the texture looked right so I put it in!    So much to see in this big quilt.   30 blocks if my memory serves me correct.    I used Quilters Dream wool and almost all quilting was done with Aurifil cotton thread.   Yummy!   Even though the quilting is on the dense level, this quilt is still oh so soft and cuddly.   This had a very distinctive border, I finally decided by doodling on it that I would mimic the spacing.   I placed an echoed wavy line between the 2 designs, a fat feather over the yellow and about a 1/4" grid on the outside.   My doodle also included pebbling from the wavy line to the feathers, but I really couldn't see my thread on that fabric under the needle so I opted to omit the pebbles and I think …

Colorado Log Cabin

A few more cute quilts that are now with their owners that I can share.   First,  Lynda's really pretty Colorado Log Cabin quilt.   She requested feathers.  I feathered each colorway separately,  reversing the direction of the feathers.
This is Lynda's Flying Dutchman quilt also,   We chose to use a handguided pantograph  "Faye Feathers" by Hermione Agee using light blue thread.   It turned out super. This is Debbie's Double Star, a popular quilt pattern with a video @ MSQC.   That names yields lots of quilt patterns, not sure how it became called a Double Star, cute patterns put I don't think of stars do you?  Hand guided panto Wisteria Grande by Patricia Ritter Two clients, yet the colors seemed to coordinate, you might  think they were all done by the same person.   I can't describe to you how wonderful and soft these quilts felt after quite a few large batik, full show style quilting.  They loaded soft and stayed that way through the finish.   I lov…

Greg ' s Paradise in Blooms

Another beautiful Paradise in Blooms, a Judy Niemeyer pattern, done in a classic colorway, pieced by Greg Murphy and custom quilted by me.  Greg had seen the one I had quilted for Lou Ann and wanted his quilted in a similar style.   I did stick with what I knew worked well for this one, using a couple of designs straight from one  quilted by Karen McTavish, those tiny feathers in the outer pointy border and scrolls in the dark outer border.  So traditional, so beautiful!    Picture overload here. Everything stitched in the ditch with Monolon, Glide threads used top and bottom for quilting with exception of that black scroll and that was So Fine because that's what I had that was slightly off black to give better detail to the quilting.
These backing photos were taken on the display stand with the light showing through the colors. this one shows the yellow mottle color a little better  in the main background fabric Thank you Greg for trusting me with your masterpiece!