Recent Awards @ WAQG

As past VP and  steering committee organizer for the WAQG show, I have to say I am so glad it is over!  It is so much planning, many meetings reviewing what is done, what still needs to be done and finally finishes with an intense week for the finale.   Between my personal quilts and quilts I quilted for clients that were entered for judging, 9 out of ten won some type of award!    Gosh was I ever blown away.  I'm going to post awards for client's quilts today.  Congratulations to Carolyn, Kathy, Mary, Karen and Cindy for your awards and giving me the opportunity to quilt your award winning quilts!

First off.... Carolyn's Glacier Star won 1st in its category and BOS!


Next, Kathy's Sedona Star won 1st in Kits/Boms - Large category and also Judges Choice for Best Machine Quilting!!!

Mary's Mill's Girls "Because of a Friend won 3rd place in Kits/Boms.


Karen's Peppermint Place again in Kits/Boms won an Honorable Mention award.
And Cindy's Tonga for Two was awarded an Honorable Mention.
Judges are NQA certified judges and judge much harder than non certified.   Several categories were not awarded 1st or even 2nd places sometimes.   Large categories may have had only a couple of quilts that were awarded placements.  
Some photos from our show:

Some I quilted that were for display only.




Marlene said…
Congratulations to you and the quilt makers. What a fantastic showing. I especially like the Sedona Star quilt and the stunning quilting that shows up so well on the back. Can't wait to see more.
Valerie said…
Thank you Marlene!