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Progress with our computerized quilting

It's been a long hard week! For every success it seems we then have an extra difficult next day.  Repeating the very same steps because all we are working on mastering is edge to edge at this time.   So frustrating, but they say give it a few weeks.   The positive side, my 26" (aka The Kraken) stitches beautifully.

The above is my Summer in the Park.  It has been on my custom list since 6/2013.  I decided to do a simple, fast edge to edge on this and give to one of my granddaughters.   I used Pink Lemonade Glide thread on top and bottom.  Colors are a little washed out, its brighter in person.  The last 2 on the frame shots show the correct colors.  I need to perfect my camera phone skills for the new location. Now it needs to have binding made!
2 more little ones, again one open fun design on the bright colored squares. The muslin was  my first "quilt" even though just a piece of muslin, it was our first attempt to create an entire quilt from start to finish, not j…


Exciting news last week!  A client,  Greg Murphy entered his Paradise in Blooms at MQX and placed 2nd in his category.  This show places emphasis on workmanship and the quilting portion has a possibility of more points than the piecing.  Competition is fierce,   I am still not believing we ribboned!  Greg flew in to accept his ribbon and see everything first hand.  Photos shared with me at the show:

New Longarm Setup Day!

It's been a whirlwind of activity the past week getting ready for the changes going on in my quilting studio.   I have re-located from the upstairs loft area to taking over what was the entry living/dining area of our home.   Here are few pictures of what was going on!

My 26" now with Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system.  End of Day 2 of Installation Gizzy supervising the set up (actually he was a little afraid and hung by my feet for most of the install).  Day 1! My 26" was moved from upstairs plus set up of the new 22" which is going in front of my Gravity quilt.

Test Drive time for the new 22" on my older frame - Day 1.   Hand guilded custom work with this longarm.

Day 2 both installed and ready!
A friend was concerned that it was too crowded.   While not a lot of excess space... there is plenty of space to move freely and not feel confined or squeezed into each area.    I can pass by on 3 sides of both machines.
Behind computer guided machine.  Each tile is a…

Are you ready for this?!

As I near the close of my 5th year of providing hand guided quilting services for all you wonderful, quilty people that have touched my life, I am gearing up to go to Phase II of my longarm career.  Next week, Innova #2 will be installed complete with Innova's leading edge Mach 3 Auto Pilot computer system.   My immediate family is as excited as I am and I am hoping you will be excited too.

I am making quite a few changes.   My longarm studio will be moved to the entry area of my home and the upstairs loft area will become my dedicated sewing studio which will be awesome.  I will have lots of space when the longarm moves out!    My 26" Innova will get the computer system and the new 22" Innova will be my hand guided, custom machine.   I really don't want to lose those 4" inches of quilting space, but I'm thinking my body will appreciate the difference as I won't be stretching as far over your top trying to get to every section minimizing all that advanci…