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Snowbird BOM

This client added to the 2014  Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Designer BOM to get it king-sized for her bed.  She wanted a little of everything on this quilt,  with preferred treatments of dense geometric,  circles,  pebbling,  faux trapunto, straight line grids instead of curved crosshatching.  Even though these fabrics are soft feminine florals,  she wasn't a fan of feathers or floral motifs.   She did like a feather that I used on another quilt in setting triangles and agreed to use those there.   So we really do have lots of styles hopefully merging into a cohesive plan on this big quilt!   Lots of star points and  setting areas to quilt.  Also eleven border segments!   Her request was to keep each one separate and not combine into larger units.  I hope I gave her the look she wanted.  She seemed thrilled with the results and sent me a picture of it on her bed.  Freehand, hand guided quilting, no computer.  Lots of elements,  way too many photos! That's my favorite element in t…

Fleur de Lis Flourish

This lovely piece is a Sue Garman pattern, "Fleur de Lis Flourish.  Simple but dense pebbles, grids and circles.  My client did a splendid job with her needle turn applique and piecing all those tiny HST.

Sweet Gray and Yellow Baby Quilts

A couple of baby quilts.    One for an infant, the other for a toddler boy.  Minkee backings and oh so soft!  I usually trim quilts for this client and I am thinking I will not cut minkee in my studio again.   Gosh that stuff makes a mess!  My cutting table is in front of a window and that fluffy stuff stuck all over my red draperies and all over the glass as well as my container holding my cutting tools, etc.   The cutting table has to be moved to be able to reach the window to clean.  Definitely too messy, I'm going to have to let you have all that fun in your studio!  The infant one a panto I use frequently for sweet baby quilts "popcorn".  It adds just the right amount of movement and dimension.   The little boy one with the chain pattern, I just quilted a loopy thing that I thought maybe he could use as a road while playing with little cars.

A 2nd Blueberry Ice

Another client's Blueberry Ice quilted with Rhapsody by Patricia Ritter, handguided.  Her quilt is throw size without additional borders and looks awesome with the design of the pantograph.   I custom quilted a bed size version of this quilt here.

Red Border Sampler

I love this quilt,  the movement from the hand guided panto "Undulate" by Denise Schillinger, swirls over the blocks.

Orange and Blue Big Star quilt

Another recent pickup.   The client mentioned at pickup that this was from a class but I cannot remember who it was with.   These are large units and she wanted a mix of some geometric and feathers but still cuddly since this will be used on a bed.

I love pieced backs.