"Happy Medium" my Bali Wedding Star quilt top

I sometimes wondered if I would ever see this day!   A date I can always remember... tax day.  I finally have my Bali Wedding Star top completed.  I recently shopped for the outer border fabric.  I had a piece in my stash that I wanted but not enough to get the job done.   After shopping several stores with no luck, it occurred to me that why would this be any different?!   This entire quilt was made with fabrics that I had to "compromise" on due to timing and a change in size.  The change in size due to a request from my always supportive husband.  I was going to make the bed runner, he loved the design and suggested that I make it bedsize.   I could not find enough brights on short notice, so I mixed in some brown muddy colors and some pastels.   My original scrappy background that had very sublte pink tones?   Of course I could not find more in that range of tones/values.   I settled for a Stonehenge fabric with beige and gray tones.  It will look nice in our bedroom but it is not the colors I wanted.   When I could not find that last fabric that I wanted, a light bulb went off in my head.  I've had to concede, change plans, make adjustments and compromises just to get this quilt made.  Like a marriage!  This pattern is based in part on a Wedding Ring quilt design and my process of getting this one quilt to completion has been very much like our marriage.   Lots of compromise, acceptance, adjustments, understanding, fifty-fifty, win-win, settlement, reconciling, middle of the road,  "HAPPY MEDIUM"!  Is it everything you always dreamed of?  Probably not... but we keep working on it, make adjustments, compromise and love each other just the way we are.   Once again....  Every quilt tells a story.  This one goes on my quilting schedule next month!

You may be surprised at the next two pictures.   They are the backside of the quilt top!   It's almost as pretty as the front side.



Nancy said…
This is just beautiful, and a real accomplishment given all the switch-ups you had to do to get it to full size. Great story- the quilt symbolizes a lot!