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19 Weeks post TKR (NQR)

19 weeks.   4.5 months.  I'm not giving up.  Who would have ever thought this is where any of us would be after an elective surgery that everyone you talk to says how much better they are afterwards.  Knee Replacement.  My family has been very supportive helping around the house, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.  Bob has been out of state so much and leaves again this week which does make it harder for me and for Mickey.  Mick starts back with college classes next week too.

I can stand longer before I have to sit and elevate.  I am able to turn around edge to edge faster than the prior months.  It's still very painful.  Not sure I should even be doing it but I have to do something.  Doesn't matter what I do, food prep, shopping, sitting in a chair, or sewing machine or standing to try to do computer longarm designs or cutting fabric.  It all sets off pain.   I just can't stand very long or try to walk for very long.   I attempted a movie last week.  Nice stadium ty…

Our 5th Annual WWIT Retreat

Recently 20 of us attended what was my 5th August retreat since moving to this area.   Several of us have been at all 5 and most of us have been retreating together several times a year for a number of years.  I almost didn't make it due to my knee.  Pam at the retreat center has things all under control but my GP had added a new med and wanted me to wear a knee wrap type brace.   It made a world of difference in my pain level.  Crazy 4.5 months out and I'm still dealing with chronic pain and mobility issues.  Saw a new Dr last week, new PT group.  Hopefully progress there as well.   But at retreat, lots of progress for everyone, lots of fun, lots of good food.   Random photos, no editing!  Some show and tell from work prior to the retreat too so no not all this was done this week.

Dog Theme Placemats

I had a request to make quilted placemats for my oldest son.  They wanted a dog theme and washable for daily use. We didn't discuss in  detail about what that theme should be.  I started looking at patterns and really wasn't seeing what I wanted.  They have a black lab so just any dog wouldn't do! After much searching, I decided to go with a traditional quilt pattern from Quiltworx called Broken Daisy and use animal theme prints.   I needed really small prints for this one.

This definitely was a labor of love.  I'm still trying to recover from my total knee replacement and having a very difficult time.  I learned to run the machine with my left foot.  I realized that it was not possible for me to stand to do all the cutting and trimming needed.   I ordered a nice adjustable height stool for my cutting table which is open at the bottom so there is space for my legs.  I had to do the same in the kitchen but it is more awkward because your legs are in front of the cabinet…