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Bloggers Quilt Festival - Quilt #2

I am entering "Wonky Donkey" into the baby quilt category for Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival   IF the system will let me.  The entry dates end today... and something has closed all the links on her site.   Keeping my fingers crossed that I can get these added before I head off into wireless land for a wonderful getaway to celebrate my hubby's birthday.

Wonky Donkey was just finished recently for my soon to be first grandson.  From a household of 4 boys, 4 granddaughters and now the first grandson!   You can find info on the original post on my blog.

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2013

I'm entering my favorite quilt that I've made the past 6 months into  Amy's Bloggers Quilt Festival. As usual, there are so many pretty quilts on display there!   If you have not visited there already, grab your favorite beverage and browse the quilts and quilters blogs. 

This one is called "Fracture" and I made it for one of my granddaughters that fractured a bone in her foot during a gymnastic event.   She's doing well and loving the quilt!

This was my first attempt to quilt something with a modern quilting theme and I loved quilting it, seeing it, touching it.... 
Backside, I can't believe I was able to match up the quilting so close to that design line! This will be entered into the "throw" quilt category. Be sure to visit their site! 

Scrappy Stars

Lots of quilting fun with this client's bright, cheerful, beautifully pieced quilt.  She choose the "Plumage" panto and used a solid white backing which shows off the quilting so nicely.

It's 100" wide!  I've seen the pattern before but I don't recall what the name is.

Wonky Donkey off the frame!

This is such a cute little quilt!    The pattern layers 3 fabrics and you cut out "wonky" strips centered around a focal point.  The donkeys are so cute in their rain boots.

The neighbor's cat that thinks he lives at my house... Checking it out. "Drip" hand guided pantograph

"grown up" fabric for the backing.  2 layers of batting, Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs Wool.  Glide thread.   Pattern for wonky-donkey-2

My quilt blocks turned out OK, I would have preferred to have more fabric and been a little more selective with my cuts.   With a random cut square of fabric to begin with, it was difficult to get a fussy cut center.   Or if you did get a nice cut for the center area it left the outer strips (8 of them) not so precise.   I loved the pattern though and knowing what I know now... I want to play with this technique more.   I'm so glad I ordered the pattern, I thought I could wing it and create something similar but the pattern made it so much faster and…

Asian crane quilt

Life is getting back to normal and I finally have a customer quilt off the frame.  Simple elegance, entirely "SID" stitched in the ditch around all the sashings, 2 fill designs for the blocks, lots of background fill on the panel and outline stitching in gold for the detail.   Glide threads on top and bobbin, 100 wt Invisifil for SID.  I really love Invisifil!