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Another Bali Wedding Star

This customer quilt is gorgeous!   She did not want CC done over the arcs as is traditionally done and preferred minimal quilting which would let her piecing to be the star of this quilt.   We opted for a ribbon swirl similar to one I had seen when searching the internet for ideas with a fun whimsical feather in the main background area and a swirly curl in the tighter arc background.  She made hers with 2 colors only for the star points and all the arcs seem to be scrappy with no matching within the rings of the arcs.  I love the rich browns she used with the pop of color.

Just a portion of the entire quilt.

Piecing Progress

We went camping last week for Spring Break.   Awesome weather, cold nights with most of the days warming to 60's and 80's for the last 2 days.   Hubby was not off work so just the little boys and me by day.   I enjoyed not having days and nights filled with lots of running - we just stayed at the campground.  Most days found me setting up my sewing area by mid-morning and working on my projects until time to start dinner.   Breaks were enjoyed by the waters edge or a stroll through the property.  The boys not only had the regular camping activities but the rec center had activities scheduled all day and night with bingo and different card or dice games, scavenger hunts, volleyball competitions, even a dance.   We were set up on the little woodsy section that opens up just beyond that bridge to the large lake.

Tulip Fields progress last week

My picnic table set up.    I place a thick cotton rug on the ground to set my sewing machine foot on so it stays clean. The view in front …

Desert Sky off the frame!

I had to snap a few pictures.   The detail is hard to see unless you hold it in the light just right but maybe you can get an idea.   Hopefully this will be bound this week  and hung in my dining room soon!

Kricket loves it too!

First Friday in March

Near the end of the day, I noticed many of the quilters at sew-in had projects on the wall so I took a few pics to document the progress!   Lots of talent in the group with a diverse set of projects going on.   Several people had already left for the day when I thought to snap a picture so not all projects are shown.   Some quilters even just stopped by to have lunch!    It's a fun day @ Quilters Crossing and I sure don't like to have to miss a Friday.   Here's a few projects that were still on the wall when I started packing up around 4:

My project... I just had to work on something new.   It's called "Summer in the Park" and you can find a you tube video showing you how make this with a jelly roll and 40 solids (or another jelly roll).    I love the framed squares style, the scrappy look and all the great quilting space when this one is finished.  Plus it is FAST and easy pattern so far.   Hmmm on the other hand I still have a zillion intersections to match…