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4 Patch Posey

The boys left early this AM for a boat dive and I jumped right in and started sewing.   Today I worked on a pattern and fabric that was sent to me by my "secret sister" which turned out to be Maia in San Diego.   The pattern name is called "4 patch Posey" and is made by cutting out 4 pieces exactly alike and stitching them together to create a spiraling pattern.  More sashings and borders will be added at a later date.  I brought in a patio outdoor table which Mick has been using for homework time while I re-coup from surgery in my bedroom.  As I looked at it, I thought that this was the perfect height to sit my little machine to keep my arms down nearer my waist and not up around my shoulders.  Worked great as a little sewing table!   Also included a picture of the adorable electronic small machine Bob purchased for me here in Hawaii.  It weighs less than 13 pounds and is the perfect machine to take to classes or for travel, the camper @ home..... 

close up view of…

Enjoying a long Thanksgiving Weekend.....

Finally, I downloaded the pics from my camera.  The last few weeks have all been based on pictures from Kris' awesome camera (that I am promised one just like it for my belated BD present from the boys - just not one on the island and we have not ordered one yet.  I should be checking prices this weekend for a good deal!).  Wanted to get a few more cute pics of the boys on the blog....   Included are haircuts, falling asleep, dancers, Secret Sister Thanksgiving box from a quilting friend from online quilt group, Mickey's Thanksgiving tabletop decorations and then finally, the Santa's Toybox golf cart parade held Friday after Thanksgiving.  Some really great carts!

More on Giovanni's

I'm not sure everyone got the connection on the Shrimp Shack.  I have posted another pic so you can see more clearly what a shrimp shack is!

More snorkeling and sunset pics

Our last full day with Kris on the island.  Snorkeling, fruity drinks and a sunset @ Ko'Olina.

Our snorkeling area just a short walk from our house.  Those are dive boats in the water, people pay to dive at our location that we can snorkel everyday for free.

Giovanni's Shimp Shack on the North Shore...

Sunday we took a road trip and drove around the island.  Lunch was at a well known shrimp shack called Giovanni's who is credited for creating the shrimp shack copy cats over the island.  We had plates of shrimp and rice, garlic shrimp and rice and hot N spicy shrimp and rice.  Of  course lunch should be topped off with a rainbow fruit flavored Shave Ice!  


Note Kris's tan compared the the pic below taken upon his arrival.

Exploring O'ahu with Kris...

Kris has been visiting from San Diego and we have been doing lots of fun things!

 snorkeling with turtles and spear fishing @ home in Ko'Olina, surf lessons, everyone on scuba dive, dive, views from Makapu'u Point, Blow Hole  and  from Diamond Head.

The Day After Halloween..... Can you believe it is Nov 1!

Halloween festivities were so much fun this year!   Hickam AFB hosted a carnival with fun rides, food, and music which we attended during the late afternoon followed by door to door Trick or Treats at housing.   Many of the yards and houses were decorated from simple pumpkins to elaborate scenes complete with music and videos playing on the sides of houses.  We had so much fun walking the neighborhood under the moonlight.  A special treat was getting to view the moon and Jupiter by telescope.  I'll get the proper terminology later but a Mr. Wallace had his equipment out on one street corner and gave us a brief lesson on the telescopes he was using as well as the stars surrounding the planet and moon.  He is an Ambasador for Space.....    I'll get this corrected later! 

Meanwhile, typhoon conditions far out at sea causing HUGE waves on our gentle West shore.  No snorkeling for us today!  The waves coming in are beautiful to see, I had to stop my walk and just sit for awhile an…