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My Prismatic Star One Stitch Closer

My schedule has been so hectic with so little personal time for even household stuff, much less my own projects.   I just added them up, I've quilted 12 charity quilts so far this year, with 2 more on hand to be quilted in April.  One was a queen size lovely quilt that I also donated the batting for that is going to a new local women's shelter.  Another is this quilt that I made entirely to donate for my son to use for fund raising for myeloma. I needed a quick project, I asked Denise Green to pull fabrics for me.  She sent me a box of fabrics, a color coded worksheet with the fabrics glued in.   I was ready to get to work on this one!   We love Judy quilt patterns!

This is Prismatic Star.   I also quilted it with a digitized custom set designed just for this pattern.  Both Judy Niemeyer - Quiltworx patterns.   I was torn, it's such a fun layout for custom quilting  - hand guided.  But it also offered the perfect opportunity to experiment with the digitized sets on  my own…