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Combined Longarm and Sewing Studio

I only recently completed setting up things into what was one of the teens' bedroom, he had moved out and I need the space.   We have other sleeping arrangements for short term visits so we were all OK with taking that room over.  Then he made the decision that he should be home.  After thinking through all options for our home, we decided the most comfortable arrangement was to re-set up that room as his bedroom again and put all my stuff back into one room.  I had finally emptied all my boxes after almost 3 years!  Now I had no space for all that stuff.    I'm crowded but it's workable.   We see photos of all these wonderful studios but I know there are many like me, wishing for more space.  So, I thought I would share my limited and not so pretty workspace.

My design wall on one side of the window and  I took my TV down from the right side to add a free standing closet.
I changed the configuration and have my sewing machine table fully opened.  The design wall  (there a…

My Bali Wedding Star

Piped binding made and completed over Labor Day Weekend.   I noticed 3 inner arcs that were missing quilting.   I took the time to load on my frame this afternoon and quilt that section (how did I miss that?)  Label not made yet, I may get a friend to make me a nice embroidery machined label.  So, finally after 2 years and 7 months in process;  or rather limbo waiting for me to have time lol, I have it soaking in the washer!  There are steps that used glue basting that needs to be removed plus almost 3 years of handing the blocks,  lots of starch and Best Press.   Wow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything stays intact, neat, square, and no bleeding fabrics.   Just awesomeness when it's done!

Another "Aiming for Accuracy" QAL

I love the fabrics in this client's quilt and the pieced backing makes for a gorgeous reversible quilt.  Hand guided panto "Wave on Wave" by Patricia E Ritter.  The first picture is the back.

SUDS Longarm Challenge 2014

One of my longarm groups "Stand Up Divas" or SUDS for short,  hosted a challenge using a pattern called "Spa" by Debbie Taylor.  We could make it any size,  modify it,  use one row or 20, a whatever challenge with the emphasis on the quilting.  Today was our reveal day and we had so many different styles of piecing and quilting! I wasn't thrilled with the design and have zero time to piece these days so I opted to create something I did like.   Even if this was so different I was  disqualified...I did not care.  I enjoyed the challenge of creating something interesting to me using the exact same components.   I reduced the finished block from 6" to 4", flipped some of the appliqué  pieces and tadah!  I liked it.  I used turned edge appliqué,  machine stitched down with matching top thread using invisible blind stitch.   Quilting.... Eh.  I ran out of time and it was more of a need to get it on and off the frame so I could get on with my real paying …

Several pretty ones

These are back with the client and were  fun to quilt.  The first one is called Midnight Harvest and is a wool appliqué.   She wanted it quilted like the original which turned out to be quilted by Linda of The Quilted Pineapple! The next one is called Spinning 9 Patch.   We chose a light custom for this one to play up her pretty piecework.  A portion of the quilt top to get a better idea of the quilt.  This one is one of my favorites!   The pattern is called Isabella.   The layout of this quilt would have been awesome for some detailed custom quilting, but the fabrics have so much detail that the quilting would have not shown.   She chose a panto called "Undulate" by Denise Schillinger and I LOVE this one.   The movement really seems to show at just the spaces where the quilting does show and it worked out perfectly I think. The backing shows lots of detail