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I brought along some hand embroidery for our trip.  Have not touched these since last summer!   Patterns by Red Brolly.

Red & Green off the frame

I did not think I was ever going to get this one done!  This is an old UFO that was set except for the final borders which had been purchased many years back.   Not really to my liking today and was too big to quilt on my small frame way back then.  Series of bad choices, it really needed 3 thread changes but I did not want to do that.   I used a muslin wide back and those are so hard to keep from getting puckers and gathers when you have to roll, advance, roll back and repeat for all those color changes.   I used a light celery green Glide thread on top, magna glide cream on bottom for all.   I lost count on the number of bobbins I used.   Here's a peak at some of the backside.  I do love the texture of quilting on muslin!

I used a template to stitch out a fast scallop border.   Opted to wait until I finished all the quilting to determine if I was going to fill in the scallops with more quilting detail (and maybe change to red thread on the front).   By the time I finally got to …

My Patriotic Quilt "Enduring Freedom" Vote now!

A post recently from Quilting Gallery caught my attention regarding their Show and Tell which currently is about Patriotic quilts.   I thought I have one I can enter!      I did not even have a good picture of this one as it was hastily made prior to my husband leaving for Afghanistan.  Close ups on my blog but not a decent full length picture.   No space in this house for hanging larger quilts!  But,  I got the boys to hang off the stairway... and took a pic.   Please hop over to The Quilting Gallery and vote!   Scroll down to the bottom of that page to view the quilts.   Best of all, you can vote for THREE of your favorite quilts.    The quilts are listed in alphabetical order and the name of my quilt is Enduring Freedom.