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May Day Royal Court @ Barbers Point Elementary School

Beautiful and entertaining program.  We enjoyed the procession of the Royal Court, Crowning of the new May Day Queen and King, hula dancers, representation of the 8 islands (I recently learned there is a 9th island - they call it Las Vegas - islanders love Vegas) and a number done by supporting cast from each grade at school.  the program finished with dances by the May Day Court (princes and princess of the islands) as well as the queen's Dance.   The costumes, flowers... all just perfect. 
He u'i ika po'i nalu i ka papa a ika malie o ke kai.   "There is beauty in both; when waves are breaking on the rocks and when there is calmness in the sea."

Newly crowned King and Queen in the center (Mickey is off the picture and would be on the left)
Part of the court
Don't you love the lady that decided to sit on the stage for half of the production?  Between the palm fronds blocking Mick from my side of the "stage" and her sitting on the corner it was hard to …

Looking forward to going HOME.....

This week I will be sorting through our 10 months of accumulated "stuff" to determine what must return to Florida, what gets tossed and what will be gifted to others.   Started with my sewing supplies today and hope to get that mailed off tomorrow as everything was purchased here and will not fit into our luggage for the return trip.   I have been stitching on the Catalicious blocks, finished one more top for Mickey but will quilt upon our return home.   Ahhhh.... can't wait to hear the humm of my Bernina and Juki again!   Just a few pics to post today.

Fast little quilt using fabrics Mickey selected.   Measures 50X50

This is the "Black Pearl" getting fitted for the upcoming movie.  It sits at the next marina over from Ko 'Olina @ Barbers Point.  Picture was taken several months back and I keep forgetting to post.  We can see it from our walking path.   They recently held auditions for extras, filming to start in September! 

My mother's day flowers.  Micke…