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Amy's Blogger Quilt Festival - Large Quilt

I'm entering my Gravity quilt into the large quilt category.   Technically, it could be considered scrappy as there are 112 fabrics in it....   but I did not make from scraps so I opted for Large Category

I'm sure most of you have seen this quilt, a number of versions can be found online.   I really loved making and quilting this one!   My original post can be found here

Be sure to visit to vote for your favorites My last entry for this event.   I loved in the spring she hosted an instagram event, that worked nicely for sharing photos.   Last year I entered and my friends and myself could not get on, could not get pages to load (so many ads!).   Entries were on there, then when voting started.... My 2 entries were each on there 2 times!!!   She had some issues, had to close the event then re-open and when it re-opened there were 2.   Votes were counted separately and my comments ignored. This year.... I would vote and then it would immediately forget that I voted.   Amy said t…

Amy's Blogger Quilt festival - Modern

Be sure to visit Amy's Modern category to view all the quilts and vote for your favorites!

This quilt is being entered into the Modern Category.  The piecing is not really modern but the way I quilted it, while steeped in traditional techniques is a favored style in modern quilting.

I created this piece for our local longarm challenge, you can find that story about SUDS here.  I did turn out rather cool.   But I was very rushed.   It was a 1 day on the longarm, no rip kind of day, also dealing with a back/shoulder aggravation due to pushing myself with all thecustome longarming that I do.   I was in agony that day but I got it done.   If you start looking hard at each element, some techniques and general flow of the quilt has lots of areas for improvement.   But again,  initial impression is good!   I really love the back.  I named the quilt "Fith Grade Primer"

Fancy Fox

Isn't this adorable!   This quilt was made by the WAQG bee called The Wannabees,  for their biennial donation to the MD Anderson Quilt Project  that they hold every 2 years.   Some of their quilts travel to different locations and guild shows to promote their auction (proceeds to cancer research).   They also have a huge booth @ Houston Quilt Festival.   Quilts will be displayed there this year and next year, then the auction will be maybe a month after Festival next year.   2 years to collect and promote.   You should see the Cherrywood exhibit they have going right now.  (I looked for a link but not seeing it online yet, friends have posted photos)   Amazing talent in that exhibit!    It's such a good  cause, not only do we help raise funds, quilting is also being brought into the spotlight and our local talents can shine!

This year the bee worked on a fun, whimsical quilt that will be treasured by some lucky person.   I used Leisha Farnworth "Kindling" design, han…

Lou Ellen's Paradise in Blooms

Wow!   Another beautiful Paradise In Blooms entrusted to me.   This one was a little difficult, I knew she wanted detailed quilting but the fabrics really did not want to let the quilting outshine their own beauty.   I went with a darker thread for some of the details and then back to a more blending thread for fill work.     Lou Ellen originally called me after seeing Lou Ann's PIB at the Conroe show where it won a 1st and... Best of Show!   She now is someone that I call a friend.   We sew together at our WWIT (What Was I Thinking Bee) and have attended 2 retreats together since that phone call in March of this year.  I look forward to many more years of sewing fun with her!   Quilters are the BEST!

Photo overload!   I'm sorry.   I can't help myself.  Some are similar but show just a little different.  So I'll include lots of them.    Thank you Lou Ellen for trusting me with your heirloom quilts!

My entry living area that is my "office".  I could not resist…