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Quilting Retreat at And Sew It Began

Fantastic retreat center in La Porte, TX.   A short 50 minute drive from one side of Houston to the other side for me!   And a step back in time.   Check out Rhonda's retreat center and quilt shop HERE.  And Sew It Began is the name of the retreat, Pieceful Stitches is the name of her Quilt Shop a few steps from the retreat center's door.

I was invited last minute to attend a 3 night retreat not far from my home.   I knew some of the ladies from guild but had never had an opportunity to spend any time with them.  It's a really hectic time right now, I've had health issues, thunderstorm issues, dog health issues, software issues on my computerized machine that set me back a few day (if you are standing over that running examples and trying this and trying that - neither machine is making any progress on your quilt)... you have heard it all before.  Life, that's what that is.   Living!  We are not machines, there is only so much we can accomplish each day and sometim…