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Binding Time!

It is off the frame and the dimensional aspect of the quilting is very pleasing to me when you let the light play across the front or the back.  I'll have more pictures after all is done but for now, I'll let the quilt inspectors tell you about it.   Tigg just would not leave me alone and wanted in the quilt as I was stitching down the one side of the binding.  Carried it camping with me this weekend but spent less than 1 hour on it Saturday night however Tigger loved snuggling inside it as I stitched so it was a good thing I brought it along.

Sudoku gone wrong.....

I am so near the end of quilting Brandon's Sudoku quilt but I discovered a problem and just have to stop and blog about it!   Brandon worked this puzzle a few years ago.  We decided it would be a fun project to work up into a quilt, many people were doing this.   Brandon chose a color scheme and went through my stash and selected fabrics.  He cut each square and completed blocks 1-6.  That's when I discovered he had made an error working the puzzle.  The idea of frogging and re-doing the blocks was just too much for Brandon and I could never interest him in the project again, even though it is a FAST and fun project.  I pulled the answers, marked the sheet and it sat for maybe 2 years (remember 10 months in Hawaii).  After getting my long arm, I decided this would be perfect to finish and work my 3P's (practice, practice, practice!).  A quick re-do for a couple of Brandon's blocks, whipped out 7,8 and 9, cut and sew the sashings and border then on to quilting.   I am n…