Strippy Rococo quilt top

One of those rare quilt patterns that I just had to make and purchase those exact fabrics.   This pattern does not have a much piecing, relies on gorgeous fabric.   When I made this top, I kept thinking that I wished it was bedsized instead of the 73X91 per the pattern.  This is my top with the magazine and pattern picture:
I also was always a little upset that the picture shows a richer darker "brown and burgundy" look compared to the actual fabrics.   But I thought the fabrics were so pretty and I just had to have them.   Made the quilt top and life interferred for several years!   In between then and now, I did go on a mission to track down more of the large floral thinking maybe I could devise a plan to increase the size of the quilt to our bed size.
Yesterday, I finally pulled this to the top of the list to work on.  What I discovered was:  I did not have enough of any of the pink, light green or red fabrics to make a set of blocks for one more pieced panel.   Not enough of the red to make more sashing strips to add a 2 more large floral rows.   Not enough of anything to add to the striped border before adding another round of the large floral fabric.
Decided to try a large floral border stitched direct to the stripe.  Pinned some fabric to the edge and took this to the boys' bedroom.   I determined that due to it being vertical coming up from the floor, it really did not matter that much and the last red sashing strips hit nicely along the edges of the mattress.  Not bad at all!  Especially since this was a not a traditional pieced quilt anyway that you sometimes see 20" of borders added on....   So I added large floral borders directly onto the striped borders on the 2 sides and the bottom.  Size totals now about 91 X 101.   Much better for the bed.   Now, I need to do something similar to the gorgeous RED backing fabric I have for this project because it is too small now!
Borders completed.  Could not wait to toss it on my bed to see how it looked.  Shocked to see not those lovely reds.... but green.   GREEN!   I'm rather sick over the money spent on this project ...but it will make a nice quilt to pull out over the holidays for one of the beds.   Hmmm, maybe I'll save that red fabric and back this top with something else.   May be Sunday before I can get back to this project though...
Here's a few pics:

What do you think?   I mostly see GREEN.


Laura said…
I see a lot of green too, but not so much that is screams only green. The entire print is too overwhelming to me so the striped fabric and the pink diamonds really help tone it down.
It's beautiful, just not my style at all.
LynCC said…
I see red and pink a LOT more than I see green. :) It's pretty!
Nancy said…
Nice problem solving, overcoming all that shortage of fabrics! Don't blame you a bit.. that fabric is beautiful and needed to come out of hiding. I'm not seeing overabundant green. The red and pinks catch my eye.