Laura's Row Robin

This one is like many of my quilts (or blocks) from our online group, Greenie's Quilting Geese.   It has been a UFO for far too long.   I don't recall which members worked on her rows, the first row with the spinning, flying geese type stars were Lauras' and she set the theme/style/colors for her quilt.    Everyone's work is wonderful and her setting is AWESOME!  

The backing fabrics made me Ooooh and Aaaah as I pulled them from the package also.  We went with an edge to edge meandering leafy swirl for this top with a metallic looking gold thread and I think it came out very nice!    I love that light gold panel insert into her backing....   it really shows the quilting design.  This one has a spot reserved on a wall in her home and will be in its place of honor soon.  


Nancy said…
Fun! I'm interested to see this as I have rows from an exchange waiting to be assembled. I need inspiration.