Jelly Roll 1600 quilt up on the frame

I love this quilt!   The colors are so light, airy and refreshing.   Loaded this on the frame yesterday and spent all day trying colors and taking them out.   I have oodles of threads ranging in shades of yellows, goldenrods, golds, melons, oranges and greens...  all get lost in the border.  Dark green was nice but I did not like the green on the backing fabric.  I resorted to orange (backing is orange too)thinking this is it, it will be bold.  Ummm, not so much in that border.   It showed only here and there, just enough to make you think what on earth is that design?!    I'm back to the original thread I started almost 12 hours into the process yesterday plus changed my border plans to something with less detail so the texture shows through well.    The picture is less vibrant than the colors really are and of course on those busy prints, the stitching does not show that well but you can see the texture. Keeping my fingers crossed the the overall design is going to be striking on this quilt!


Nancy said…
I like the swirly look of the motif. Interesting, I had not thought about how challenging to choose a thread, but this really took a bit of time.
Valerie said…
It really can be a challenge, also add whatever color was chosen for the backing which frequently is a high contrast to the front... I'm learning though, those busy prints just don't show enough of the quilting to warrent the work. Panto or an allover and on to the next one!