Strip Pieced Lone Star quilt

This pretty, strip pieced Lone Star belongs to a friend of mine.  Pat called it a "utility" quilt and said I could do what I want with it.  I was torn, do I play with "modern" quilting techniques, should I quilt meandering feathers which I love, or should I go with what I see which was a lovely, very traditional feeling quilt.  I had also seen recently a similar top quilted with an all over treatment of ribbon curls which looked fantastic.  I opted to go with a traditional approach.  The star was quilted with  large, flowing feathers with beads in the spine, large crosshatch for the main background, tight feathered swirl border, piano key outer border and some simple straight lines in that strip pieced border.   Wool batting, soft pre-washed fabrics and oh my does this feel cuddly!

And the back which turned out very pretty too!


Nancy said…
Good choices... this is a very appealing quilt. Hope you get caught up on Dallas.. it's good.