SCUBA - WWII Plane Wreck

Bob & Mickey at 110 ft during a SCUBA Diving trip to a 1946 F4 Corsair WWII plane wreck.
Garden Eels 110 ft down in the Hawaiian waters next to the F4 Corsair plan wreck.  The Garden eels look like 1/2 inch plants coming out of the sand.  There were thousands about 6 inches apart.  As you approach them, they retract into the sand 1 row at a time.  Extremely cool to witness!

Our dive trip was cut short when the rudder bolts sheared!  The 40 ft boat was drifting  toward shore and the BIG waves.  Capt. threw out an anchor very quickly! Then with the help of a stout screw driver we were under way.  BUT, Bob and one of the Dive Masters had to manually steer the the boat with a 8 ft long steering bar.  We did not accomplish any of the 3 boat wreck dives we set out to do, but got to dive the WWII plane wreck.  That was worth all the turmoil!  Plus this dive day was free!  The dive shop recheduled the 3 tank wreck dive day for May 9!
After the dive Mickey & Bob had a picnic overlooking the area where the dive boat was a drift with the broken rudder.  What a day, not a cloud in the sky!
Mickey caputured this Geico Gecko (Hawaiian Gold Dust Day Gecko) from inside the dive shop.  Hawaiian Cutie!