Diamonds and Patches

I have a finish and finally something that we can use for a lap quilt here.   Has been very hard on this quilty family to be quiltless (except for a small quilt Mick brought) for this long......     The front fabrics all came from a Connecting Threads kit called "Sassy Pinwheels" that I ordered and got in just before Christmas.  I had been stashless prior to that order arriving.  Meanwhile, I ran across a small quilt done in this pattern with bright white background and vibrant jewel tones and thought it was so pretty.  Determined I could do similar with my sherbet prints and that it might work up OK.  I like it!   The backing was made from a collection of F4's that I bought downtown @ The Calico Cat, just sewn together almost in the sizes they were cut.  It is rather cute and bright.  One focal fabric reminds me more of Florida.  It has monkeys, manatees (?), dolphins, flying fish.... and flamingos.    Ahhhh, I must get in some TV time tonight so I can relax with my quilt.   Oh, Brandon still says, "Mom, you used to do things with so much more detail".   Oh well, this is all I am willing to do with a toy sewing machine plopped on the dining table.....

pieced backing

Sea Monkeys


Pat H. said…
I love the colors!