China Town Walking Tour Saturday 4/17

We finally worked in the organized walking tour of Honolulu's historic China Town.   Our tour guide gave us a fast and entertaining tour of the district and we learned so much.   We all look forward to going back with a more leisure pace and sample lots more.  The evening was topped off by one of the restaurants grand opening ceremony where we live.  Hawaiian BBQ but is Chinese.  Fantastic celebration that I did not have my camera for.  Beautiful costumes of dragons, dancing and leaping about.  The lead person jumps into the air and lands on the rear person so that the dragons stand up tall.  Drummers keep a beat going and the dragons entertain in the street.  Children feed the dragons dollars.  I wish I had had my camera, costumes and entertainment was excellent.  So was the food!

This is the east gate into China Town.  The male lion is always on your right, the female on the left.  The way we know this is a male lion?   He has 2 balls, the one under his foot represents the world and he is in control of the world, the other is inside his mouth, to remind him to be careful of what he speaks.

Oh the flowers at the lei making shop.  Even a little pre-school boy there separation flowers.

Wo Fat, the enemy in Hawaii Five-0.  Named for this eatery

Danno - his name came from this very famous commissioner (I think that was his title).
These buildings stand on opposite sides of the street corner.

Dim sum factory, we got tours of several

This is a Budhist altar, something like Lady of Mercy.  You light 3 incense and place in the container and make a wish for yourself or your family.

This is a temple that most will never see, it is for offerings for your ancestors so that they have food to eat and money to spend in the after life.   All those cones are incense, several altar displays and then a table in the front for food offerings. 

Japanese Temple

Inside the temple.  This is a very strict religion that the Japanese royalty are all members of.

Everyone was blessed by the High Priest

Noodle factory