Easter in Dallas

I am behind on posting about our adventures for the past few weeks.  I'll start off with our recent trip to Dallas to see our oldest son's family and my mother.  Larry and the girls were the highlight of the trip, just visiting and enjoying each other's company.  The trip included a day trip to my mother's in Franklin, one of my dearest friends coming to visit me at Larry's.  This was supposed to be our dates to leave Hawaii and seeing those wide open spaces and all the splendor of Texas really made me homesick to return to our home in Florida.  Blue bonnets and Indian paintbrushes were blooming, bunny rabbits nibbling the new growth in our son's garden plantings.  Fresh light green new growth on the trees.   Very nice visit. 

Laura, Larry and a peek @ Julia

Julia, Mickey, Laura and Jenny in the back

Grandmama with Lady Banks yellow rose.  Isn't that beautiful?!

Me, Polly and "Special Ed" out for a pre-derby excursion. 

Special Ed and Sweetie

Mick and Laura gathering a few Easter Bunny prizes prior to leaving for church

Julia and Mick designed, cut out, stitched up and stuffed this cute little kitty.

Not many pictures but oh the laughs and good food we had.   Can't wait to see everyone real soon.