St Mary's 2nd Annual Quilt Show

I'm not sure where to begin on this one!  A small town near us hosts a quilt show in this historical painted church.  It is a beautiful exhibit and you can find more about the show here.  The grounds are so pretty as well.  
Sponsor ribbons award to my quilts!   I don't have them back yet so I hope I have this correct.   Gravity was awarded by Montgomery Quilt Co and Bali Wedding Star was awarded by Sam Houston Funeral Home.   I forgot to look at Lou Ann's!
I was able to attend the preview event on Thursday night and hang out in Denise Green's "Holly Dee Quilts" booth.  As soon as I opened the doors to the sanctuary, I could see a glow from the altar and I knew immediately that this was Lou Ann's Paradise in Blooms that I quilted.   I started moving in a little closer, forgetting all about looking at the other quilts or even looking for my entries! 
It is such a humbling feel, seeing this beautiful quilt highlighted with the most prominent location of all for the show.   Like winning Best of Show all over again!   I am so honored to be a part of this awesome quilt.  I also learned the day before that this quilt was accepted into an exhibit at quilt festival called "Texas Traditional Quilts" so to see this quilt the very next day in this prominent location was mind boggling!    I am so thankful to have been a part of this quilt and it's successes and to Lou Ann for giving me the opportunity to quilt for her.   She's a friend, a part of WWIT(our bee that works on quilts like Judy Niemeyer patterns) and a fantastic longarm quilter in business as well but wanted me to quilt for her!   One amazing friend and quilt.
Then I started looking for my 2 entries and I found them!   My Gravity quilt and my Bali Wedding star below. 
Lou Ann's card that went along with her entry.   I was also surprised to learn on the actual show days that people or businesses that sponsored the church with the show were allowed to choose their favorite quilt and award a ribbon.  10 ribbons were awarded, approximately 200 quilts and my 2 entries both got ribbons!  And of course Lou Ann's got a ribbon so all 3 quilts that I made or quilted got ribbons!   When I was texted (I did not go to the show until the 2nd day) that I had ribbons....I knew how awesome those quilts were in the show so I asked "Did they all get a ribbon?   So unbelievable and I am so touched.   Another really crazy thing, several people took my picture!
A professional photographer will be posting photos to their website soon.   I look forward to seeing those.   It was a beautiful show!