Glacier Pines, another Judy quilt!

This is Debbie's Glacier Pines quilt (discontinued pattern), another Judy Niemeyer paper piece pattern with some applique.   This one was quilted rather densely, but not full show/heirloom quilting.   I did not stitch in the ditch a single seam other than outlining the applique as I worked around it..  Single batting of Hobbs 80/20 and 2 Glide thread colors.

sorry I did not take a full picture, this quilt is almost 90" square and had 4 of those big star units with borders.



I'm headed to our bi-annual retreat with Denise Green, of Holly Dee Quilts on  Monday.  I have been so busy I could hardly breath since January, working most weekends and weekdays.   I am looking forward to sewing with my friends, I believe 9 of us are going, we planned the date last fall at our last retreat.   Of course more than just us will be there, I believe she has a full house of about 22!    Hopefully I will have a better handle on scheduling and can enjoy a slightly more relaxed work schedule when I return.  Hmmm, maybe I better go pencil in a month for my new quilt!   Actually this one will be easy... maybe even an all over design for my current project.   But I better schedule it in!


Bec said…
Please, I need help. I'm making this pattern and I'm stuck at cutting the fabric for bag one. It says to cut one 7"x42" strip from 10 different medium dark fabrics, but the pattern only calls for 5 medium dark fabrics and 5 dark fabrics. I'm hesitant to assume that this is a typo and use the 5 dark fabrics along with the 5 medium dark fabrics. I don't want to run short of the dark fabrics and then not be able to get any more. If the person who made this quilt could help me understand this, I would be sooooo grateful. Thanks.