3rd Retreat @ Twelve Pines

Last week was once again such a fun and productive week spent with friends @ Denise Green 's teaching retreat.   These are very informal, do your own thing but she is there if you find something isn't working out just right.   She has her personal quilts displayed, patterns, notions, fabrics and has become a good friend over the years.  She will jump in a cut some of the lady's fabrics out if they are struggling so they can continue to piece, she will rip... she goes that extra mile to ensure everyone has a great time and accomplishes progress on their projects.

Here are some of the highlights of our April retreat:

We thought just the core group of 10 of us  friends would be all we knew, but upon arrival almost everyone of the 22 participants we had already retreated with!   That was so nice seeing so many familiar faces and making friends with a few more Judy Niemeyer quilt fans.   We also planned our summer retreat with almost everyone there trying to work it in their schedules plus adding back some others that could not make it this April.   August will be just us, no teacher as Denise is opening her new brick and mortar store front and will be having to pare down her out of town teaching schedule.    We also schedule so that everyone has a long table, no sharing.  We need the space!

I have a difficult time working in piecing into my schedule.  As a longarmer, I'm always pushing the limits on deadlines due to unexpected events in family, doctors appointments (accident prone teen!).   I find it difficult to longarm all day,  make dinner... then go back to the studio by myself to sew after I have already been alone all day?   No... if find that not enjoyable plus my body just can't take it.  I'm always playing catch up on the weekend quilting as well it seems but hopefully after this next quilt, the deadline crunch is over.   Every quilt has had a tight deadline schedule for 4 months and geesh am I over it!   So much more enjoyable to quilt knowing I can work at my pace and if my back is breaking after 6 hours I can stop... instead of continuing because you need it tomorrow or I have calculated what I need to finish each day to get it to you by your requested date.  So, the point is I pretty much only sew at my 2 day long bees I created so that I would stop quilting and sew, or on my  2 X's a year retreats that I do.  Sad... for this long time quilter that is used to producing my own quilts but that happens when you have to go back to work full time again.  I'm thankful to all of you that trust me to do my thing with your quilts!   Most of you know about corporate downsizing and how difficult it is to find comparable employment in your 50's... Life just isn't what it once was but it's good.  We are making it work!  Now... back to work!  I have a deadline looming on a quilt LOL!