Quilts of Valor

I took a break from my Bali quilt piecing project and quilted up some quilts this week.   One t-shirt quilt that I did not get any pictures of (gasp!) and this nice client quilt headed out for the Quilts of Valor project.

Glide thread - my newest favorite thread.  I'm using it for almost all of my own projects and have used it for a few clients.  It has a nice sheen to it that I really like.
This is just draped over my sofa... looks wonky but it was so nice and straight!
Back side
What a pleasant surprise!  I could not have planned this... the quilt finished exactly in line with the bottom edge of this pattern! See the laser light dot and also where my needle is lined up at the edge of the quilt?   I've tried to do the math to get an exact row falling at the edge of a quilt but have never been successful and don't even try anymore.   In between rows, lining up for the next pass if you are just 1/8" off, after 8 passes/rows you are now 1" off your total measurements.   And I tend to fudge just a little because I don't want to over stitch into my previous row so my math will always be off....   I had no idea this one would even be close - I just wanted to use this pattern on this quilt.  
Tomorrow, I will work on my Bali project. 


Nancy said…
Nice quilt, worth cause, and welcome surprise in the finish of the pattern and quilt edge!