Curved Piecing

I got in a couple of hours to work on my Bali Wedding Star.  About pulled my hair out trying to determine from the instructions and my piles of components where I was, how many of what I needed....  

Today I started adding an outer star point to one side of the curved arc of the wedding ring unit. The instructions have you glue instead of pin. I tried both and think the glue method is a little faster (and I know it will be faster when I get to the smaller arcs later in the process).   I have 72 of these units with the black points to glue, sew, remove that edge of the paper and press. Next step will be to add another smaller arc/melon gets to that unit with smaller star points. After those are done, repeat with about 72 blue/purple large star points and a wedding ring arcs...  Accurate, not hard... but oh so boring!

This is how the pieces look when you put right sides together, curves go in opposite directions.

Crease the center with the star point to mark the center, pin the outside edges.   Then apply a fine line of glue to the outside edge of the arc.

Align from the center to the outside edges.   Smoothing out gathers.

Usually with paper piecing we stitch on the paper side but we trimmed this down to the exact size.

Stitch with the paper down and the large piece on top so you can manipulate to be sure no puckers or gathers get stitched down.

One stitched!


Nancy said…
Wow... gotta' hand it to you. The patience award. But the results are really good, and the glue is an interesting approach. Your photos really show the step-by-steps well. This will be a striking quilt.