Dragon Pillow, fall charm quilt and Tshirt quilts

Quilted up several T-shirt quilts, my fall Charm quilt and then had some fun Friday creating a little pillow for my niece.   Her son's girlfriend had given her a little drawing that she posted on facebook that I turned into a pillow using her requested color of green.

 I thought that it looked like a  continuous line design that I could stitch out.  I just printed it and traced over it taped to my light box (window with sunlight streaming in LOL!) and traced with a water erase pen.  They don't really work that well in that position but I got the basics down.  I could have quilted that design directly with my laser light and maybe have done a better job... but I worried about the eye detail looking at the laser and not my stitching lines.  As it turned out, I did not like a single line anyway and would stitch about a 1/4" and backtrack for several passes to build up some thread more like an embroidery machine might do.   It's close to the drawing she had AND I got to have lots of fun putting in river rock and wind currents.  Now my kids want one too!

 Some of my clients projects this week, T-shirt quilts with basic loopy quilting:
They always turn out so nice and cuddly!  Nothing exciting to quilt but it gets the job done at an economical cost for the client.  It's funny, how even that small amount of quilting brings life to those quilts to me!
Some work on my Fall Charm quilt:
Autumn Oaks hand guided pantograph
I would have loved playing up the negative space and making those "star points" shine on this quilt.   But with the Nickel pattern used, you actually have gap there which makes piecing a breeze.   I did not feel up to SID on this quilt, nor was the center large enough to allow for fun leaf quilting in the centers of those 121 units with a continuous line.... Plus when you see the finished quilt, most of the stitching does not really show in those busy prints anyway so a panto really was a good treatment for this quilt.  I could have just done a panto in the body and accented that inner light border.. but again any quilting in the outer border really is not going to be seen so I took the simpler option.
I even had time to make my binding and apply on the one side with the long arm!  I also got some stitching in on Brutus this week - alway a treat.


Nancy said…
You've been busy! Love those fall prints. And the pillow... what a great idea. Telling us about your approach to getting the design done is helpful. T-shirts... very cuddly and meaningful.