Tibute to Angie 5/99 - 2/12

I wish I had access to my boxed up photos... Angie was such a CUTE baby.  We had Tigg at the vet for some check up (he was our major medical boy from day one) and our vet came out to get us with this tiny black kitten on her shoulder.   I said something about how cute it was and that she would fit right in with our all black kitty household.   She said "I was hoping you would say that, I brought her in for you to see"!  So of course we took her.   Angie (named after the vet Angela Berry) adopted Brandon as her boy 11 years ago and has slept in his bedroom thoughout 3 moves and a year's absence while we were in Hawaii.  Angie and Tigg loved each other too.  We lost Tigg last year to complications with his diabetes and we lost Angie to cancer from her rabies vaccine.  Heres some pics from the past year.

Tigg to the rear of the seat snuggled with Ang

We love you Angie!


Nancy said…
I'm so sorry you lost your Angie. She was a good friend, and she sure found her right family!