Getting settled after the move

Life is beginning to return to "normal" if there can be anything called normal in our household!   The lack of entries since August represents hectic days moving the family from Florida to Texas while hubby was deployed to Afghanistan.   I'm still amazed I was able to get so much done so quickly but quilting really had to be placed on hold.   Downsizing in all aspects, including the 3 car garage with workshop that my hubby had filled almost floor to ceiling to a basic builders' 2 car garage/1 large door and no space to either side of that door.  We still have this garage packed in boxes with things that don't fit inside and a storage space rented to deal with at some future date.  Christmas came and went, hubby arrived home in time for Christmas (and loves the house!) along with a house full of family followed by weeks of all of us coming down with a very nasty virus.   Whew.  On to recovery and back to quilting!

I have a nice space in the loft upstairs for my quilting studio and my frame was set up the first week we were in the new house.  I also filed for my business licence and am ready for business and quilting to my hearts' content.   Speaking of hearts, it is almost Valentine's Day so I thought I would feature a little wall hanging made several years ago, quilted on my Bernina.

November had lots of quilting time.  I attended several day long classes at Internation Quilt Festival including class time with Kim Bruner and Jamie Wallen.  Oh my!   Great classes and I have filled up many yards of fabric working on all the awesome techniques I learned.   Just before the virus hit our household, I did pull a little baby quilt that I had on the frame but had to stop in August for packing.   All quilted, bound, washed and dried.   It has a lovely thick flannel back, wool batting and feels awesome.   Mick says he wants to save it for his children so packed away it will go.   Here's a few pics and the link going back to when the top was pieced for this quilt.

Borders and flannel backing.
Kricket being a quilt inspector.  She LOVES wool batting.

I planned the borders but had no idea what I was going to do for the interior and just doodled and did it.   Sheryl send me yours and maybe I can come up with a better plan!


Nancy said…
Welcome back to blogland! Glad to hear things are settling in, though a family virus on the way was definitely a minus! Love the baby quilt. Those critters and the circles and colors are just so appealing. Very nice!