Making space in my sewing studio

I'm involved with a new group being formed.  Our first informational meeting was last week.   We are calling ourselves the MQBees (machine quilting) and will be meeting once a month to get inspiration, design help, show and tell.  I mentioned how much I enjoyed sewing and quilting with my Juki/Grace frame combo and that I did still have my Juki which I would consider selling.  Someone is interested.

I pulled her out of storage under a table in my studio.  Cleaned, oiled and threaded her up.   I'll be sad to let her go but money is always nice and space in my studio is even more precious so if someone wants her I have to sell.  She deserves to have a good home and lots of use.   1500 stitches per minute, extended base, knee lift, thread cutter.  Wow what a machine!  


Nancy said…
Parting with a machine is like parting with a good friend... not easy to do! But space is sure a premium! My sewing room is quite the disaster at the moment, so the need for space resonates.