Ulu Hawaiian Applique Wall Hanging

Well, I finally finished the last stitches a few days ago on this little wall hanging.   I have carried this from place to place all over this Hawaiian Isle as I stitched and watched the boys surf or play.  I can't believe with all the sunblock, wind, sand, ocean water, swimming pool water.... that there is not a single stain on this and it has not been washed as of yet!  I made this following Hawaiian tradition per some books I have read.  It is cut out of one piece of fabric, needleturn applique by hand.  These books say that quilting patterns must not be marked.  I hand quilted the piece without markings and even managed to finish mostly symetrical within the piece!  How I managed to end so nicely I am not sure but I am thrilled that it did finish mostly in balance on each side with the quilting.  Hawaiian tradition says that if you begin your Hawaiian quiltmaking journey with the applique pattern called "Ulu" which is the Breadfruit tree, that you will enjoy bountiful quiltmaking.  I certainly could not challenge that tradition.   Here is my first Hawaiian Applique block,which was made into a small wallhanging:

Close up of quilting detail.

Backside of quilt

Of course any new quilt, no matter how small must be approved by our Sugar Cat, Tigger

The real thing.  Ulu tree with breadfruits.  I have eaten them in a hash brown type recipe and they were good!

A preview of the current project that I am working on.  LOVE that new EZ Angle ruler!


Pat H. said…
OH MY it's beautiful!!!!!!! I love the colors
Valerie said…
Thank you Pat! The blue in the applique matched my crayola color "Pacific Blue". I had scribbled on a piece of paper, some areas darker, some lighter and when held to that bolt of fabric - it was a perfect match!

The blues in small pieces of the current project is from our Carolina Christmas pattern..... I am really enjoying watching this one come together.
Sharon said…
I just found your blog after doing a search for Hawaiian applique. This Breadfruit pattern is the exact same one that I found a pattern for and am planning to make. I can't wait to get started. I love these Hawaiian quilts. I thought I would start small and make either a pillow size or a small wall hanging size. How big is your wall hanging? It's beautiful!