Furlough Friday...

Another day on the road for Mom.  Today will be Mickey's first time to take advantage of the events offered @ Hickam AFB for Furlough Fridays.  He will be kayaking, sailing, surfing, riding in banana boats and crafting today.  They bring in these huge bouncy slides with water spraying everywhere too.  Should be a great day!   Brandon volunteers @ the homeless shelter and I have physical therapy, then later Brandon has to meet with some classmates to finalize their work on a project and I suppose I will grocery shop during that time.....  No school or work for Bob on Monday - woohoo!  I am hoping to get in some "touristy" sightseeing as I am not released yet for the ocean surf or swimming with my shoulder.  Recovery from this type of surgery is far to slow for me - I expected to be fully recovered @ 6 weeks.  But progress is being made, more mobility each week and less pain.   Doc says 8-12 weeks for bone to heal but still will need to work on strength and range of motion after that....

Here is a sneak peak at the progress on my 4 Patch Posie project:

from the little blocks

to 2 rows of sashings

Closer view of the blocks.  4 pieces cut from identical placement on fabric.  Cute little pinwheels effects.
Later, this will also have an outer border using the focus floral fabric.  Making some progress!