More holiday pics to share....

I finally have uploaded pictures from my camera but still have to review what the kids have taken on theirs and also there are scuba pics to be developed (my camera only goes to 33' and can't be taken on the boat dives).  Grandma and Grandpa Wagner visited over the school break and Kris was able to take another week off to be here for Christmas.  Larry has forwarded some great pics of the family and his Christmas dinner with his extended family including Great-Grandmama Perkins.  The boys got in 2 dives recently with some pics to follow, we visited the USS Arizona and the Bowfin submarine, fantastic evening on the Star of Honolulu complete with a white glove dinner service as well as daily playing along the beach, lava rocks, tidal pools and sunset picnics.   Here are some pics:


The Anderson extended family.  That's Laura beaming from the top of the chair and Julia to the right.

Blue ribbon winner of the city's wreath competition.  Titled "This all started as yard waste".  Very large and beautiful.  The picture does not do the wreath justice.

My personal favorite,  made from fabric and applique.  Gosh what a beauty this is!

Mickey and I spent a few hours @ the lava rocks and tidal pools.

we watched these 2 guy try to launch their kayak through the rough surf

and they are off to spear fish

getting ready for a shore dive across from Kai Lani - Ko'Olina

diamond head in the distance.  window of Star of Honolulu.

pear sorbet - ahhhhhhh so delish!

Ladies were presented these lovely velvety roses @ the end of the  evening.  11 days later ours are still in water on my counter and look lovely!