Different color threads

I had a few hours to spare on Friday, finished one on Thursday and was waiting for a new backing to arrive for another large quilt.   I needed something fast that would be on and off the frame in a few hours.   I don't get many like that!   But I had a little 45" quilt for my guild's charity work to be quilted so that was perfect for the afternoon.

This is a cute little "coin" type quilt.  I liked the fabrics.  My mind immediately started coming up with some ambitious ideas about quilting but I quickly reigned those in because it had to be finished that day and it was already the afternoon.  The backing was a solid kona gray.  I layed out a gold thread on the top, but I didn't want gold on the gray back.   I love a gold on those Hoffman Oriental theme fabrics but also felt it might be too bright for the amount of black that was in the top.   I audtioned Grays, golds, black, even a nice blue variegated.   In the end, I opted for blended on the front and decided I had time to deal with using an entirely different color on the back.   If it came out less than perfect, it would still be OK for the charity quilt.  I used a gray/green/lavender on the back with black Glide on top.

I'm not sure what causes the points to sometimes have the thread pull to the top or the bottom.  I think I don't hesitate long enough?   Maybe too long?  Not sure but I did get some black pull through to the back in a few areas but overall it turned out super.   I won't do this for a client quilt...but it is fun to be able to do this on your own or a give away like this one.

quilted in a freehand curly vine

Worst area.  See to the left is fine, on the right there are a few black pull through areas in the points.  That's why we don't do this for your quilt, matching or very similar in color only.   I usually don't like variegated thread for that reason.   Often it is high contrast and no way to blend on a light, med and dark variegated.

Perfect for the afternoon, that new quilt back arrived by 6pm too!