My Gravity Quilt

I really liked the look of this quilt and was excited about quilting options when I first saw this quilt early last year.   A new to my area quilt shop, Cupcakes opened recently and created a modern bee called "Modern Monday"  that I joined from the onset.  We only meet one evening each month.  This was my first project to work on at that bee.  The pattern is called Gravity and was a BOM from Jaybird Quilts however all the patterns are in one book.   Her pattern and tools for cutting these diamonds and hexis etc is awesome.
I  did change thread colors but I would not do this again if I make or have an opportunity to quilt another one.  So much time is lost because you can't just quilt from one unit to the next in the greys,   In the focus blocks, even choosing a pink or a blue or a green, there are 6 colors in each focus block so somewhere you end up with high contrast.  That high contrast may as well be grey and save time.  Lots of time!   I used Superior Threads So Fine for the top in all but one block and that had Omni a 40 wt .   Combination of threads in the bobbin.  Greys were all Magna Glide classics,  colors were mostly that shade of So Fine.   I used 1 layer of Quilters Dream Wool batting.  2 batts are so heavy and I did not feel I was going to be quilting so densely as to require 2 battings. 
Much inspiration has been found online over the last year.  I had ideas in mind based on having seen so many awesome quilts before me.   I changed things where I could and also have ideas plentiful for more of these quilts!   Inspiration came from Natalie Bonner, Kathy Schwartz and Teresa Silva to name a few in case you haven't seen this quilt out there.
I can't wait to make my next Jaybird Quilt pattern!


bidtl said…
I just started my Gravity quilt in an 8 month BOM. Like you, I really want to quilt it, I've been collecting ideas from all over blog-land. Yours turned out very nice, thanks for posting all the pictures.
Mom said…
This quilt is amazing! Love your quilting-
Valerie said…
Margaret you made my day! Thank you so much!