Rustic Stars

This cool quilt is a variation of a Hunter Star.  The star points were cut from charm squares  and top stitched onto the corners,  then the units were joined.  Fast piecing.  The downside is that the star points are not uniform, intersections do not meet in centers, and some edges are straight and some have the zigzag edges.    Rustic!  Well not really a downside its just that  I love to create straight line quilting between the star points, or a diamond grid with straight line quilting which does require precise piecing.   So I opted to try arcs and I think they worked perfectly! 
The back takes on the appearance of wedding ring quilts or a TN Waltz quilt.  I like it!


Lovely! I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting, but not sure I have the patience ... or skill.
Lynette said…
Wow! I *really* like the effect of the arcs! This is such a pretty quilting approach for a Hunter's Star. Nicely done. :)