Man of the Year!

More family events.   It's been a whirlwind the past 30 days!   Our oldest was nominated just 3 months ago by the Leukemia and Lymphoma as one of 9 total  participants in the North Texas chapter for Man of the Year. You win the title by getting the most donations.  We aren't  well connected socialites and Larry did not have any experience with fund raising of this magnitude nor did his staff.   His office assistants became his campaign managers which he called The A Team (for Anderson).    We were able to attend the Black Tie event held in Dallas that would announce the winners but had no expectations of winning.   We were happy to be together and get dressed up!  Tuxes for the guys, dad got to wear his dress blues one more time.  Missing from the group was Larry's wife, Jenny and oldest daughter Julia that were off to a band competition.  I'm sorry they could not be there but Julia  took a 1st place in her competition so that was important for them to be there. 

The announcer started with Woman of the Year and that winner knew big names...and raised over $400,000!!!  We felt then and there that our son didn't stand a chance at winning the title.   Listen to the drummers before the big reveal!

I've tried and tried and cannot get the video to play as inserted into the blog.   Maybe the link will work!   But it doesn't look like it will.   It's on my you tube

Imagine our surprise when they called Larry's name!!!!    His campaign raised about $48,000.  I have a picture of the total but have forgotten at the moment how much.   I was hoping to join my pictures with photos taken by the family but that hasn't happened yet.   So, I am posting some of my photos of the event.     Here's a facebook quote from Larry:  "I still can't believe Team Anderson won the inaugural North Tx LLS Man of the Year title tonight!!!!!‪#‎mwoy‬ I am truly honored and blessed to have the support of so many coworkers (Patty Weimer, Catherine Close), patients, family, and friends that have made this possible!! Thank you so much for all of you who donated to support blood cancer research and patient assistance programs! There is no better cause than the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!!! Between the 4 candidates for Man of the year and 5 running for Woman of the year we raised $664,627!!!!!!! Wow! I am done with begging for money for a while though."   He even had the presence of thought to thank me on stage...without me he would not have been there to achieve this.  Awwww.   I'm so proud of him, his accomplishments, the way he lives his life and is raising his family.
Lots of pictures but probably 200 photos that need to be sorted through!   Now, back to quilting LOL!

In his James bond voice and with a German accent... Wagner, Dimitric Wagner


all 9 nominees

The "A" team

Man and Woman of the Year and Boy and Girl of the year.   Did they have the gift of speech and entertaining!    The journey they have been on to be standing where they are today.  They are what this is all about.

And why not, here's Julia in the middle after her 1st place award! 
Julia's Oboe/Oboe/English Horn Trio scored a "1" at Texas State Solo & Ensemble competition in Austin.  All 3 are freshman.